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Would You Wear Religious Nail Art?

The latest beauty trend is religious nail art. Look at these manicures with themes from Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism.

Having religious nail art doesn’t necessarily mean someone is religious, they could be doing it ironically like Sharon Osborne. But the look would be good for people that go to church on Sundays. The elaborate nail art makes use of religious icons and symbols, as well as the intricate detailing done with bright jewel tones, metallics, stick on gems and of course glitter.

Here are some of the best examples of religious nail art on Pinterest, as selected by Slutty Raver Costumes. The acrylic nails in the cover image are by Imagine Uhlenbrock.


1. Virgin mary embedded acrylics

2. Sugar skull nails

3. Sanskrit swaggin…


4. Virgen de Guadalupe

5. ¡Viva Mexico!

6. The Virgin Mary


7. Religious iconography

8. Catholic hand drawn acrylic nails

9. La Virgen de Guadalupe (2)

10. Our Lady of Guadalupe

11. Mystical, magical pagan nails


12. Stained glass effect with Jesus

13. These are love

14. Israel evil eye nail art

Flat Top

15. Jesus and Virgin Mary manicure

16. Mixed Buddhist symbol nail art

17. Goldener Buddha

Most of these manicures are of Catholic inspired art, but we are not trying to convert you. It just happens that they have developed a baroque style of religious iconography that a lot of people appreciate for it’s aesthetic value, in addition to the cultural implications. And that gives nail artists a lot more designs to work with. Hindu nail art pairs well with henna and gold jewelry.

Watch Alison Wonderland’s music video for “Church” after this. Learn more about how body glitter is changing the way women think about their bodies.

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