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The Music Video for Lido ‘Vultures’ Features a Dancing Duet

Lido’s I O U 2 EP just dropped and he released a music video for “Vultures” where a couple dances together in a misty forest.

Last October Lido, aka Peder Losnegård, announced that I O U 2, the follow up to I O U 1 EP, was coming soon. That day is here and there is a music video for “Vultures” to watch.

I never meant to love you/ And now that I know, knew that I knew better/ But you should know, know that I will be ready/ When you call your vultures…” sings Lido, cause he can sing too.

The music video is about a couple dancing in the forest. The woman wears a mirrored mask, which could be symbolic of something deeper. Or maybe they just thought it looked neat.


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I O U 2 out now!!!!!!!!!!

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Lido premiered the video in Earmilk, which is part of a five-track visual EP, like Beyonce did with Lemonade. I O U 2 EP showed in three North American theaters earlier this month.

According to the producer, “The first part (of the two EP’s) represents my interactions and experiences following the conclusion of ‘Everything’. It’s songs about family and friends. The second part is about me finding my voice again. Both metaphorically and literally including my unprocessed vocals in my songs for the first time in a very long time.”

Stream and/or download I O U 2 EP by Lido from your music provider of choice.

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