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The Quirkiest Shoes in the Katy Perry Collections

Some of the pumps, sandals and flats in the Katy Perry Collections shoe line are artsy enough to display on a shelf. Here are ten pairs of them.

Katy Perry Collections boasts an assortment of colorful women’s shoes in the $50 to $300 range. The pop star of the same name launched the line in August 2016. She also has fragrance and beauty lines.

Perry’s signature style is very bright and colorful judging from her music videos, pop songs and red carpet looks. Her shoe collection includes a lot of original designs you won’t find anywhere else, and also basic flats, pumps and booties. But right now we are looking at the ones that are the quirkiest

1. Bonnie

katy perry collection the bonnie

The Bonnie ($179) is a peep toe ankle strap pump covered in buttons. They are made from synthetic materials and have a four inch heel. The shoe comes in Black, Grey, Navy and Cameo Rose.

2. Candy

katty perry collection the candy

The Candy (On sale for $85) looks like a piece of strawberry candy and has more hard candies inside of the lucite heel that is 3.5 inches tall. The upper is made from metallic leather.

3. Everly

katy perry collection the everly

Just in time for Christmas the Everly ($99) is a hunter green velvet mule decorated with tinsel and two tiny wreaths. The flat shoe slides on and off with man made lining.

4. Gema

katy perry collection the gema

The Gema ($69) is a slip on sandal perfect for lounging by the pool or hanging at the boardwalk. The green flats resemble a synthetic grass lawn decorated with plastic butterflies.

5. Ganna

katy perry collection the ganna

Maybe Katy Perry likes gardening because the Ganna ($179) also has a botanical theme. The four inch heel resembles a saguaro cactus in bloom. These also come in a ankle tie up version.

6. Midnight

katy perry collection midnight

The Midnight ($99) is leftover from Halloween. The faux leather loafers have a glow in the dark pattern of a scared cat on the toes. It doesn’t get much quirkier than that.

7. Nessa

katy perry collection the nessa

Architects and sculptors will appreciate the clean lines of the Nessa ($169). The patent leather ankle boot has a modern cut out block heel that is 3.5 inches high. They come in Black and Blush.

8. Olita

katy perry collection the olita

The Olita ($109) are a block sandal with a low heel you could possibly dance in. The blue suede upper also comes in Black, Spanish Red and Blush Nude. The spherical two inch heel looks like a jawbreaker.

9. Rosemarie

katy perry collection the rosemarie

The Rosemarie ($149) are perfect for lovers. The four inch heels are shaped like an X and an O. The heeled sandals are made from suede leather, and also come in Spanish Red.

10. Tila

katy perry collection the tila

Go hard in the Tila (On sale for $84.50) a mule with a 3.5 inch heel shaped like a bottle of tequila. The bottles are filled with a tequila like liquid that has two worms floating in it.

If we have learned anything from this it is that Katy Perry like a unique heel, but also sewing, plants and the holidays. The car heels she is wearing at the top are the Thelma but they have sold out.

All of these shoes are available for purchase at the official Katy Perry Collections webstore.

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