Frankie Collective reworked supreme crop tops

Frankie Collective Reworks Supreme for the Female Form

Canadian brand Frankie Collective reworks Supreme and other street fashion labels into cute pieces for women that are easier to score.

Supreme as acknowledged as the best, most street fashion label ever for some reason. But they don’t make clothes for women. And the clothes they do make sell out over night to be resold on third party merchant websites. It just goes to show you how feeble minded men are. Enter Frankie Collective, who reworks street fashion brands like Supreme, Nike, Adidas and more for women.

Frankie Collective Rework Supreme x Comme des Garcons One Shoulder Bodysuit ($450)

Frankie Collective takes “vintage” street fashion pieces from the 90’s and remixes them into fashions for women. These include bodysuits, crop tops, tube tops, biker shorts, bralettes, exercise bras and handbags. The products are handmade in Canada using sustainable techniques.

Frankie Collective Rework Supreme Mesh Shorts ($100)

The garments are individually made, so they do sell out. But not as fast as the brand new pieces they sell at Supreme. And they cut of each one is more flattering to the female figure. Just because you are street, doesn’t mean you have to look like a man. That is a common misconception.

Frankie Collective Rework Supreme Checkered Bralette ($130)

Frankie Collective doesn’t just rework Supreme. They also deal in Adidas, Calvin Klein, Carhartt, Champion, DKNY, Fila, Guess, Harley Davidson, Kappa, Nautica, Nike, North Face, Polo Ralph Lauren, Puma, Reebok, Tommy Hilfiger and Umbro. But most of those have women’s sections. 

Frankie Collective Rework Supreme Mesh Bodysuit ($200)

The combination of street and women’s fashion trends make Frankie Collective a good place to check out when shopping for the perfect music festival outfit. It is possible to get high quality, one of a kind pieces that no one else has. And they are always at work designing new creations.

To learn more about how Frankie Collective clothes are made watch this video.

Shop the entire Frankie Collective collection at their official online boutique.

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