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Why Holographic Is the Color of the Future

Holographic is a sparkly color made through the use of holograms. Learn more about why holographic is the exciting new color of the future.

Holographic is all colors and no colors at the same time. It needs every color in order to be holographic. The futuristic color is made using the process of holography. It can also be described as luminescent, incandescent, resplendent, fluorescent, metallic, unicorn or mermaid.

Holographic Is Futuristic

Balmain Structured Silver Mini Dress Spring 2019

Balmain’s Structured Silver Mini Dress ($7,650, on pre-order for spring 2019)

Holograms are bright and shiny, and so is the future. Metal can also be described as holographic in color and in the future stuff will be made out of metal. For example in the future robots will be made out of metal or possibly plastics. Humans and robots will rave together, enjoying peace, love, unity and respect in the metaphorical warehouse of the world.

Holographic Is Progressive

Balenciaga Knife Sequined Over-the-knee Boots ($2,963.67)

When Michelle Obama wore $3,900 gold Balenciaga Knife Over the Knee Boots, available now at Matches Fashion, that indicated that holographic is a progressive color. Progressive means that you plan for the future. And in the future things will be shiny, shiny like Balenciaga Knife boots. Just look at any science fiction illustration or movie about the future.

Holographic Is All Colors

Maison Margiela Low Top ‘Retro Fit’ Sneakers ($895)

You can’t pinpoint a single color in holographic. It is a mesmerizing sweep of every color. It resembles every hue and none at all. Aliens probably wear holographic clothes and accessories because they are so future with their highly advanced technology and civilization. If there are aliens out there somewhere they will be discovered in the future.

Holographic Is EDM

PRADA Puffer jacket in space

Prada Holographic Puffer Jacket ($2,275)

Music fans wear metallic, iridescent colors to EDM festivals all the time. They glitter up their bodies and don sparkly face and body jewels. That’s partly because EDM is about dancing together with all types of people, and the future. Many of the top fashion houses in the world included metallic, silver or holographic pieces in their latest seasons. Which was why we reported it.

Holographic Goes From Day to Night


Bao Bao Issey Miyake Prism Tote ($1,269)

Clearly holographic is the must have color for the new season, and everyone should have at least one metallic piece in their staple wardrobe. A shiny blouse or shoes can be paired with denim to add extra punch to a casual look. But the luminescent color is perfect for metallic or sequined cocktail dresses or even suits. No matter where you wear it people will think of the future.

To learn more about holograms, holography and optics visit your local university. To buy holographic clothes and accessories click on the aforementioned links.

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