Wet N Wild Goth-O-Graphic Makeup

Wet N Wild Goth-O-Graphic Makeup Is for Anti-Unicorns

The upcoming Goth-O-Graphic Makeup by Wet N Wild is for the ones that don’t want all their holographic makeup to be unicorn themed.

Wet N Wild announced a line of makeup called Goth-O-Graphic in an exclusive report by Bustle. The new line includes highlighters, metallic liquid eyeliner and an eyeshadow called “Death to Unicorns.” It will go up to their website on February 20, and in drugstores on March 1.

wet n wild goth-o-graphic makeup

Representatives point out that lately every holographic makeup palette seems to be inspired by unicorns for some reason. But some women do not like unicorns. So this is an affordable option for people that want the look of holographic makeup without all the horns and hooves.

Evelyn Wang, senior vice president of marketing at Wet n Wild Beauty said, “For every trend, there’s always an opposite, and it was clear with the huge number of unicorn and rainbow-themed launches in 2017, that at least some makeup fans would be craving a more rebellious and moodier look this year.”

The brand first noticed the anti-unicorn sentiment on Instagram, where they watch their feed “like a hawk” according to Wang. MUA’s were complaining about unicorn fatigue.

But just because you are goth does not necessarily mean that you hate unicorns. Wang explained that the new line is an updated version of goth. “Goth and holograms having a baby is essentially how you can distill the inspiration behind Goth-O-Graphic,” she told Bustle. “When we thought about the collection, we asked ourselves, ‘What if we took the very edgy look of goth, but modernized it with unexpected pops of color and illumination?'”

wet n wild goth-o-graphic nail polish

Wet N Wild was one of the first brands to sell black nail polish in drugstores and supermarkets in 1979. Their Wild Shine Nail Color ($0.99) has long been a staple of goth culture, especially for men, who don’t like to pay more than $1 for nail polish if they don’t have to. Despite the low price the brand prides itself on being cruelty free, and the makeup does not contain parabens.

Shop for Wet N’ Wild beauty products at Wal-Mart, Target or your local drugstore.

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