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We Found 6 EDM Festival Outfits on Amazon Prime

Are there good festival outfits on Amazon Prime? Yes. We put together six rave outfits composed of 28 items that are inspired by EDM.

Amazon is a bottomless trove of treasures such as women’s festival and rave apparel. It’s a great place to find a good deal on statement pieces. That includes the following five ensembles and 28 products. All of these cost less than $110 each. And with Amazon Prime’s 7-day Try Before You Buy period, you can try them on  — except the pasties, body glitter and face jewels.

Unicorn Raver

High strung but magical.

amazon unicorn rave outfit

Claire’s Ombre Unicorn Wig ($24.99), Ellie Shoes Women’s 500-Fuzz Boot ($45-$112), KARIZMA BEAUTY Unicorn Chunky Glitter ($8.50), Pastease Purple Glitter Unicorn on White Nipple Pasties o/s ($9.95), Sequins Music Festival Hip Scarf ($13.99), SoJourner Unicorn Tears Face Jewels ($6.99).

Mermaid Raver

Sings a siren song.

amazon mermaid rave outfit

6-Pack of Mermaid Pasties ($7.88), Delfina Sequin Starfish Fishnet Crop Top ($16.75), Pinda Green Sequin High Waisted Shorts ($31.99), Wall2Wall Captain’s Yacht Sailors Hat Snapback ($7.95).

Boho Raver

Bali >> Coachella Valley

amazon boho festival outfit

Bead Chica Women Crochet Bikini ($16.99-$23.99), Ever Fairy Handmade Rose Flower Wreath Crown ($18.99), iiniim Fringe Tassel Skirt Belt ($17.99), Sweaty Rocks Crop Hoodie ($7.99-$18.99).

Rainbow Raver

PLUR-ful prism.

amazon rainbow rave outfit

GloFX Heart Shaped Kaleidoscope Glasses ($34.99), Naimo Chain V-Neck Halter ($14.99), PP FASHION Women’s Flat Heel Casual Canvas Sneaker ($39.99), SMMER LED Rainbow Tutu ($15.98-$16.98).

LED-Enthusiast Raver

Everybody look at me!

amazon led rave outfit


10-Pack Flashing Hair Lights Barrettes ($8.86), Betteraim Rhinestone Fishnet Tights ($8.99), LED Glow Skull Gloves ($11.98), Limtery Shiny Crop Top Two Piece Set ($14.88-$18.88), SZTOPFOCUS Fluffy LED Waistcoat ($45.99-$109.99).

Dark Raver Couple

So goth it hurts.

amazon strappy black festival outfit

BBOHSS Strappy Body Harness Cage Bra ($26.99), BodyHSS Thigh Harness Garter Set ($29.98), HJZLSSYS Feather Harness Strappy Bra ($29.88), Limtery Lace up Suspender Bodysuit ($16.88).

These unicorn, mermaid, bohemian, rainbow, LED-light and goth rave costumes can be worn to EDM festivals year round. But they also work as sexy Halloween costumes this fall. And all of them can be found on Amazon Prime at a reasonable price with a fair return policy.

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Elizabeth de Moya has contributed to DJ Mag, DJ TechTools, LA Weekly and Thump (Vice). She has a BA in Linguistics from UC Berkeley.