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Watch OWSLA Sensation OddKidOut in ‘The Getaway’

OddKidOut debuted a music video for “The Getaway” off his upcoming Solstice EP on Skrillex’s record label, OWSLA.

Last year OddKidOut, aka OKO aka Butch Serianni from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, moved out to LA to work with Skrillex. His debut EP Solstice, will have four songs on it. Two weeks ago they previewed “6 Years” with a music video. And now there is a surreal music video for “The Getaway.”

Nest HQ (Skrillex’s music blog) reports, “‘The Getaway’ shows us what the life of OddKidOut is like during the summertime days: dancing on rooftops, afternoon hangs at the park, and adventurous excursions.” The track samples  “Pretty Bye Bye” by Skrillex, Team EZY’s and NJOMZA, and “Cry Bird” by Tennyson. If you’re not familiar sampling is a common practice in EDM and hip hop.

According to OddKidOut’s website, the new songs were produced using OWSLA related samples from old favorites like Yogi’s “Money On My Mind,” Tennyson’s “Cry Bird,” Skrillex’s “Would You Ever” and more. Here is a picture of him in his hometown, Philly.

2 tracks off the Solstice EP down, 2 more to go 👍🏼

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OKO told Nest HQ,  “I’m excited for 2018 because it’s the year I get to release this project with you guys…” He continued, “I can’t wait to share it with the world. But I’m hype for some future songs I plan to release. I’m hype to play more shows and travel the world doing that. The greatest thing about this industry is that things seem to happen when you least expect them…” The he said, “You’re always on your toes. I’m just always looking for new experiences.”

Stream and/or download “The Getaway” by OddKidOut from your provider of choice.

Last year OWSLA had a pop up in downtown LA that turned into a permanent storeREZZ has a new album coming out including “Witching Hour” on Mau5trap (Deadmau5).

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