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Watch Julia Michaels & Trippie Redd in ‘Jump’ Video

Julia Michaels and Trippie Redd have a brand new music video for their latest single “Jump” and it’s about romantic infatuation.

Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Julia Micheals is a real musician. She has written 18 songs that charted in the Top 100, and has worked with Justin Bieber, Gwen Stefani and Janelle Monae. Last year she released an EP of her own called Nervous System, including the hit song “Issues.”

Her latest single “Jump” features Trippie Redd, and they just released a music video for it. In it Michaels and Redd appear to be wandering around and sitting on cars in a misty parking lot.

And I’m gonna be cliché here for a minute/And tell you that I’ve been hurt before (hurt before)/So I think I’m gonna need another minute/To not hurt no more (no more)/Cause all I do is jump right into your arms/Every time I see you…” sings Michaels.

At the 2018 Grammys, Michaels told CBS that she gets more anxious when she is writing for herself than for other people. “When you’re writing for other artists, you can write the song and just leave it there. When it’s yours, you basically have to relive those memories all the time.”

Although they made a song together, Michaels and Redd are not dating in real life. They both made it abundantly clear that they have a boyfriend and girlfriend on their official Instagrams. Because that’s what good girlfriends and boyfriends do when they are in a relationship.

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Stream and/or download “Jump” by Julia Michaels featuring Trippie Redd from your music provider of choice.

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