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10 Unique Animal Halloween Costumes from Pink Queen

In a sea of cats and rabbits be a Dwarf Mouse Lemur or a Red Eyed Tree Frog. These animal costumes are from Pink Queen.

This Halloween express your love of animals through a slutty costume of some kind. Everyone knows about the bunny and kitty costumes already. Why not choose a more exotic species to represent?

All of the costumes in the example pictures below are available from Pink Queen. Simply click on the image you like to navigate to the online store, where they have more information available.

1. Penguin

Penguins endure extreme temperatures and dine on seafood. Look extra cool in a slutty penguin costume this Halloween.

Sexy Deluxe Penguin Halloween CostumeSexy Deluxe Penguin Halloween Costume ($42.95)

2. Green Frog

Get froggy in a green jumper, animal hood and furries, which represent the frog’s webbed toes. Another option is swim fins.

Green Frog Adult Halloween CostumeGreen Frog Adult Halloween Costume ($35.09)

3. Kangaroo

Although they are not as numerous as rabbits, which threaten their ecosystem, kangaroos will overpopulate if given the chance. 😉

Adult Kangaroo Halloween CostumeAdult Kangaroo Halloween Costume ($36.94)

4. Puff the Magic Dragon

A slutty Puff the Magic Dragon costume actually works year round at most raves, including Burning Man and Electric Daisy Carnival.

Green Women's Sexy Puff Dragon Halloween CostumeGreen Women’s Sexy Puff Dragon Halloween Costume ($74.10)

5. Porpoise

Drum up attention towards Shamu’s plight by dressing up as her for Halloween this year. Pink Queen also offers a blue dolphin version.

Black and White Cute Ladies Halloween Dolphin CostumeBlack and White Cute Ladies Halloween Dolphin Costume ($45.14)

6. Vampire Bat

Every year there are tons of vampires, but few ever show love for the bat. This one is being worn with Betty Page style, black stiletto heels.

Womens Sexy Adult Halloween Batman Costume BlackWomen’s Sexy Adult Halloween Batman Costume Black ($31.35)

7. Sexy Wolf

If the wolf is your rave spirit animal hood then run with that this Halloween. You could wear it with bohemian accessories.

Womens Sexy Chic Halloween Wolf Costume BlackWomen’s Sexy Chic Halloween Wolf Costume Black ($41.04)

8. Dinosaur

This year go prehistoric by dressing up as a slutty dinosaur for Halloween. No one is really sure what they looked like so be creative.

Gray Delicate Womens Wild Dinosaur Halloween CostumeGray Delicate Womens Wild Dinosaur Halloween Costume ($45.96)

9. Polar Bear

The threat of global warming causing the extinction of polar bears is the scariest costume of all. It also works during winter holidays.

White Womens Polar Bear Fancy Halloween Dress CostumeWhite Women’s Polar Bear Fancy Halloween Dress Costume ($50.16)

10. Sexy Skunk

Skunks are not the most popular woodland creature due their powerful odor and tendency to stalk cats. They are still cute.

Womens Sexy Flower Skunk Halloween CostumeWomen’s Sexy Flower Skunk Halloween Costume ($62.91)

There are a lot more animals to dress up as for Halloween than just bunnies and cats. All of these animal costumes are available at Pink Queen. You can go there now by clicking on the picture you like.

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