Trap Music Fashion: How Low Is Too Low?

Wondering what to wear to a trap concert? It mostly depends on whether or not you will be twerking.

First of all it’s not a trap concert it’s a trap DJ set. Trap music EDM is inspired by trap music hip hop productions and so are the trap music outfits. It’s about being caught up in a trap, or a toxic lifestyle.

Are You Twerking?

Twerking is a famous dance move related to trap music. You don’t have to stand on your hands and wriggle your rear end suggestively. But a lot of the go go dancers on stage do that at trap music events.

trap music outfit inspiration go go dancer

Agua Marina Black Eterna One-Piece Choker Suit ($298), BP Madison Lace-Up Boot ($99.95), Express Large Scale Full Fishnet Tights ($19.90), SuckMyPlug Black Pentagram Wicca Inverted Cross Dangle Plug ($13.32), Supreme Face Mask ($13.99 on eBay), VanGlamHouseOfBeauty Cuticle Remy Human Hair Ponytail Extensions 20” ($145).

Is It Hot Outside?

If it’s hot outside then shorts are a good way to go because there will be a lot of sweaty dancing at a trap music DJ set. Accessorize with statement jewelry such as hoop earrings and layered chains.

trap music outfit inspiration warm weather

Plus Fiona Oversized Mesh T-Shirt ($30), Gucci Bamboo Yellow Gold Hoop Earrings (Approx. $2,390, pre-owned), Pastease Black Cross Pasties ($10), Prada Bi-colour Velvet Platform Sandals ($825), Rosantica Aquilone Necklace ($730), TOPSHOP MOTO High Waisted Rip Mom Short ($60).

Is It Cold Outside?

If it’s cold outside the you need a warm jacket that you have to carry around or hide when there is no coat check. Show off how trap you are with a designer handbag and pumps, boots or sneakers.

trap music outfit inspiration cold weather

Balenciaga Silver Mirror Heeled Over-the-Knee Boots ($1,995), Christian Dior Large Diorissimo Leather Bag (Approx, $2,175, pre-owned), Mr & Mrs Italy Mini Fur-Lined Parka with Fur-Trimmed Hood ($4,710).


You don’t have to follow these trap music outfit ideas exactly. They are more like inspiration to give you a general idea. And of course props to the original trap innovators that made EDM trap possible.


Cover photo of Flosstradamus at EDC by Visual Fragments.


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