mademoiselle cares with a chanel snowboard and ski goggles

This Skincare Is for the Chanel Mademoiselle

Are you a Chanel Mademoiselle? Because she would use these Chanel beauty products on her adventures like skiing in the Alps.

The Chanel Mademoiselle is passionate about adventure and really cares… for her skin routine along the way. She indulges her senses even when doing winter sports. And she says things like, “Catch me if you can,” “I go to new heights,” “I’m ready for anything,” and “I face every turn.” Her après-ski secret is Hydra Beauty Masque au Camélia ($65) for 3.4 fluid ounces.

Keep skin protected with UV Essentiel Multi-Protection Daily Defense Sunscreen ($55). Blue Serum ($110) revitalizes the face to keep skin looking younger, firmer and healthier. Hydra Beauty Micro Cream ($98) delivers 24 hours of continuous hydration. Rouge Coco Hydrating Conditioning Lip Balm ($38) has a high gloss finish. Les Exclusifs de Chanel Beige ($350) is inspired by Coco Chanel’s love for the color beige. Hydra Beauty Masque au Camélia ($65) is an overnight face mask.

Also pictured in the campaign are the Shield Sunglasses ($650). The Chanel Snowboard is likely a limited edition run from two seasons ago that may still be purchased used online.

Shop the entire Mademoiselle Cares collection at the official Chanel online boutique.

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