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These Uniqlo Japan Shirts Are Inspired by Music Brands

Uniqlo Japan’s Brands-MASTERPIECE collection includes collaborations with Roland, Technics, Bic, Kikkoman Soy Sauce and more.

In Japan certain consumer brands are considered cool enough to wear on a shirt. That was the idea behind Uniqlo’s Brands-MASTERPIECE collection. Familiar brands include BIC, Bianchi bicycles, Casio, Fiat, Kenwood, Kikkoman, Jackson Kelly, Jiljang, Pentel, Pocky, Polaroid, Roland drum machines, Rubik’s Cube, Technics turntables, Volkswagen and more.

Uniqlo Japan x Roland t-shirt

Uniqlo Japan x Roland T-shirt (¥990)

Word on the street… wear is that the Roland tee is the best and everybody wants that one. Roland Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of electronic musical instruments. They are best known for the Roland TR-808 drum machine that has inspired many EDM songs.

Uniqlo Japan x BIC t-shirt

Uniqlo Japan x BIC T-shirt (¥990)

However this is an opportunity to proudly display the geeky hipster brand of your choice on your chest. There are not a lot of people with a BIC pen t-shirt in the US, even though we use ballpoint pens and butane lighters all the time. Or Kikkoman, the Japanese version of table salt.

uniqlo japan x kikkoman t-shirt

Uniqlo Japan x Kikkoman T-shirt (¥990)

This being Uniqlo, the shirts are priced at a reasonable 990 Yen or about $9.20 (USD) each. If you are an international customer, shipping and handling is ¥4,010, and orders over ¥5,000 ship free.

To shop for the Brands-MASTERPIECE shirts visit the official website of Uniqlo Japan.

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