taylor momsen flashes everyone her boob tape during rock performance

The Ultimate Guide to Boob Tape

Taping your tatas may seem easy, but there are a lot of important factors to consider about boob tape, not the least being removal.

There are a lot of different ways to tape up breasts, to make them look bigger, to make them look smaller, to hold them inside a low cut blouse, or to barely cover up the nipple area. This disposable method of creating a brassiere enables women to step out without a traditional fabric bra while still affording some measure of modesty, however little that may be.

Tape Pasties & Nipple Shields

What is the best tape for concealing areolae? Kim Kardashian uses gaffer’s tape. Gaffer’s tape is a heavy cotton cloth pressure-sensitive tape that is used in theater and TV production to secure electrical cables. Supposedly it works better than duct tape because the fabric is more heat-resistant, and is less likely to damage the surface it is adhered to, which is your nips.

hollywood breast lift tape

Hollywood Breast Lift Tape ($7.99)

Look for a tape that is made from a fabric base when sticking it to your breasts, such as double-sided fashion tape and breast lift tape. There is athletic and kinesiology tape that is used by weight lifters and physical therapists. But it isn’t designed for that purpose, and may come off.

spirit gum stage makeup

Graftobian Spirit Gum ($3.60)

One trick of the trade is called spirit gum. Spirit gum is a simple mixture of alcohol and resin. It has been used for stage costumes and makeup since the 19th century. This includes holding in place wigs, facial hair, pubic wigs and pasties. It can be removed with cocoa butter or vaseline.

It is a good idea to test pasties before you take them out for a night on the town. If you do not use the proper type of adhesive then it is likely they might fall off after a couple hours. Make sure that you are confident about holding the pasties in place. Or maybe you don’t really care that much anyway, because you have been planning to free the nipple this whole time.

Boob Tape Bras

More full figured ladies have the option to use tape for lift as well as coverage. This is helpful during red carpet events because it keeps you from spilling out of the plunging neckline of your ball gown. Or use it to wear low cut cocktail dresses that would otherwise not be an option for reasons of modesty. It’s like a poor man’s breast augmentation that doesn’t leave scars.

There are several ways to make a bra out of tape.

boob tape for cleavage

Lexi Harvey and her breasts.

  • To form cleavage – Drag queens use boob tape to create better cleavage when they perform. But A-cups and B-cups can use the same technique. Using several strips of tape affixed across the chest, create a garment that squeezes the breasts together and holds them up there.

kim kardashian boob tape

Kim K. demonstrates how to use gaffer’s tape.

  • To lift and secure – Another option to to use two strips of tape for vertical lift. Then to keep it in one spot wrap a lot of tape around the torso in a corset-like formation. It looks sort of like a mummy, or a patient that just went through surgery. For v-necks go for the out and around technique pioneered by the Kardashians. Cotton can be used as a protective lining over nipples.

boob tape backless

Source of boobs unknown.

  • For a backless top – Use fashion tape to defy gravity while wearing cut out tops or backless dresses. In this technique you only use tape in the front to tape your tits, which may or may not work for larger under boob that flops around and can get really sweaty.

Alternatives to Boob Tape

There are a lot of products on the market today designed to hold up breasts, other than bras.

pastease x dollskill X CLUB EXX SHAPES X PASTIES

Pastease x Doll’s Kill Club Exx Shapes Pasties (On sale for $8)

Nowadays they manufacture x-shaped pasties in every imaginable variation, such as traditional black, neon, mermaid scales, camouflage or pink fur. These are made of fabric, which is more flexible and uses a stronger bonding process, so you can wear them for a long time.

LOW BEAMS COMMANDO Commando nipple covers

Commando Low Beams in Clear ($12)

Nipple covers were invented by an insane person that wanted to hide women’s nipples from sticking out of their tops. They can be worn alone to create the impression of weird Barbie-like breasts that have no areolae or nipples. Some women wear them under sheer tops.

Fashion Forms Voluptous Silicon Lift Bra

Fashion Forms Voluptous Silicon Lift Bra ($54)

There are disposable body bras and cleavage enhancers designed for one time use. This is nice because the cup already conforms to the ideal shape.

Removing Boob Tape

Do not just rip the tape off of your nipples after the event is over (unless you are super into S&M). Depending on what tape you use, this might remove several patches of skin in a particularly sensitive area. Experts recommend soaking in a hot bath for a long time to loosen up the tape. Then apply a natural lubricant such as olive oil to gradually remove the adhesive bit by bit.

rubbing alcohol riteaid

Isopropyl or rubbing alcohol from the drugstore.

One trick is to use the power of chemistry. Everyday rubbing alcohol dissolves sticker gunk so fast you will think it’s magic. This also works for cleaning up cannabis resin by the way. However the process will dry out your skin. Be sure to use an intense moisturizer for sensitive skin afterwards. Facial moisturizer can be applied to the breasts, or use chapstick to avoid chaffing.

Boob tape is a great alternative to going braless, for women of all shapes and sizes. It is one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets for wearing scandalously revealing clothing on television, to award shows and during constant photo shoots. You can even use it to create pasties.

Cover image: Taylor Momsen performs with her band the Pretty Reckless wearing boob tape.

Read more about the best pasties for your breast type. The Black Tape Project in Miami, Florida has changed up the body tape game for good.

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