The Coveted LV Archlight Sneaker Comes in 11 Varieties

The Louis Vuitton Archlight Sneaker features an oversized tongue, turbo sole and of course the classic monogram LV print.

Women’s sneaker aficionados will appreciate the LV Archlight Sneaker by Louis Vuitton. The extravagant kicks come in 11 different colors, and there is one sock-sneaker version.

LV Archlight Sneakers 2018

From top to bottom, LV Archlight Sneaker 1A43L1, 1A4GHE, 1A43IT, 1A43K5.

How much you say? According to the official Louis Vuitton website, if you have to ask you can’t afford it. But on Modesens the shoes are listed at $1,090 a pair.

Louis Vuitton recently collaborated with French fashion retailer 24 Sèvres on a special pair of LV Archlight Sneakers shown below on the official Louis Vuitton Instagram account. They are only available in France and the UK. There is also a pair of LV stud earrings in gold tone.

Last week we reported that fashion designers are going future next season, and the futuristic LV Archlight fits the bill. It looks like a big ugly Louis Vuitton unicorn hoof, which is good.

Check out all 11 pairs of LV Archlight Sneakers at the official Louis Vuitton boutique.

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