The 15 Sluttiest Stick on Face Jewels from 2018

You can stick these 15 types of face jewels anywhere for not that much money. These are face gems at different price points.

Adhesive face and body jewels add another layer of texture to glitter makeup. Although the style is popular at EDM festivals, there are not a lot of mainstream beauty brands offering face gems yet. The look is similar to the bindi from India, but much more elaborate and on your cleavage.

These are the 15 sluttiest face jewels of 2018 as selected by Slutty Raver Costumes. These would be perfects for a music and arts festival such as Tomorrowland, Creamfields or Burning Man.

1. AliExpress

Adhesive Face Gems Rhinestone Temporary Tattoo Jewels

You can bulk order these Adhesive Face Gems Rhinestone Temporary Tattoo Jewels ($1.49/piece) from China and then resell them on Amazon, which a lot of people seem to be doing.

2. Bindi Galaxy

bindi galaxy festival tribal bindis face jewels

These authentic Galaxy Bindis from Lucknow, India ($1.99 to $2.99/pack) are inspired by a traditional design. The rhinestone gems are accented by colorful threads with a bohemian feeling.

3. Craftbuddy

CraftbuddyUS 325 White Pearl Mix Self Adhesive Diamante Stick on Rhinestone Sticky Gem

The Craftbuddy White Pearl Mix Self Adhesive Diamante ($4.00) comes in a sheet of faux pearls in various sizes. There is no pre-made pattern leaving you room to be as creative as possible.

4. Tarte

tarte mermaid face jewels

Tarte Cosmetics released the Mermaid Face Jewels and now they are on sale for $5. They recommend wearing them with face jewelry, body glitter and aquamarine eye shadow.

5. Lottie London


Lottie London Queen of Hearts Face Gems ($5.27) are just one type of their products, which are also available from Ulta. Others include Unicorn Tales and Off-Duty Mermaid.

6. Diamond Glitters

Face Jewels Festival Diamond Glitter

Diamond Glitter’s Festival Face Jewels ($8.49) have adhesive backs that easily stick to skin.

7. Yueton

yueton 12 Sheets 3 Different Pattern Colorful Assorted Size Self Adhesive Bling Rhinestone

These are 12 Sheets of Colorful Assorted Size Self Adhesive Bling Rhinestone Craft Jewels ($6.99). They come pre-arranged in colorful designs such as butterflies, dragonflies, crowns and flowers.

8. Dazzle Me Glitter

Body & Face Jewels - Reusable, self adhesive body and face gems for festivals

The Dazzle Me Glitter Self Adhesive Body and Face Gems for Festivals ($8.63) will hopefully cover up the entire areola area. That makes it legal for you to go out in public on a sunny day.

9. Amariver

Amariver Self-Adhesive Rhinestone Sticker

The Amariver Self-Adhesive Rhinestone Sticker ($10.00 for eight sheets) come in multiple colors and shapes including pink, purple, blue, yellow, gold, silver, green and red.

10. Boohoo

Glitter Palace Loose Silver Festival Face Gems alternative image Glitter Palace Loose Silver Festival Face Gems alternative image Glitter Palace Loose Silver Festival Face Gems

Available at Boohoo, the Glitter Palace Loose Silver Festival Face Gems ($12) come in a nifty tin with a screw on top, so you could put your weed in there, man.

11. Urban Outfitters

Wicked Hippie Face Jewels

From Urban Outfitters, Wicked Hippie Face Jewels ($12) come in many entertaining shapes, such as smiley faces, rainbows, hearts, stars, flowers and mini.

12. Missguided

missguided blue poison ivy

Missguided is going for a superhero thing with the Blue Poison Ivy Stick on Gems ($13). But this could easily pass as a mermaid or sea siren. Notice how the model wears a sequin blouse.

13. The Gypsy Shrine


The Gypsy Shrine specializes in body glitter and face gems, like the Easy Tiger x Gypsy Shrine Starry Eyes Face Jewel ($14.52). They are also available at UO, Dolls Kill and Pretty Little Thing.

14. Doll’s Kill

Magic & Manifest PASTEL GEM DROPS

Magic & Manifest Pastel Gem Drops ($15.00) are for sale at Dolls Kill. The pastel colored tear shaped rhinestones make you look tough and magical at the same time.

15. Spiritus Obscurior

Luna Jewels...Crescent Moon Bindis...Face and Body Jewels

The Spiritus Obscurior Luna Jewels Crescent Moon Bindis ($16.27) take face jewels to the next level. The antique style crescent moons are set with Swarovski crystals, flowers and stars.

Now that you have your face jewels picked out, these are the top EDM festivals for the summer of 2018. These women are using body glitter to make the world a better place.

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