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TEED Is Back in Our Lives with Music After Four Years

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (TEED) has released “Leave a Light On” and it’s his first new song in over four years.

TEED left us in 2013 with “Without You” a collaboration with Dillon Francis. We don’t know where he went but he’s back with a new track called “Leave a Light On.”

TEED, aka Orlando Tobias Edward Higginbottom, which would also be a good DJ name, is from the UK but relocated to Los Angeles at some point in the past four years. In the press release he says he wasn’t making music because he had a hard time dealing with all the music industry drama.

“All my time has been spent making music and thinking about making music,” he said. “But I couldn’t see a way for it to be fun, both personally and with regards to the state of the industry itself.” He added, “I had to start releasing music or I would have broken. Now, I feel like there are no rules, and I’m strong enough to do things my way and fail gloriously.”

TEED’s music is chiller and more downtempo than his electro-bass contemporaries. You can tell he likes the Beatles but also EDM. He is pictured above eating a banana. That is the cover art.

Stream and/or download “Leave a Light On” by TEED from your provider of choice.

The new Dillon Francis album will be in all Spanish, and he recorded it in Central America. Skrillex did a remix for the new Pendulum remix compilation The Reworks.

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