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Starslinger Drops First Love Music LP & ‘Supermane’ Video

Starslinger is back with his third album First Love Music and he says it’s his best one yet. There is a “Supermane” music video too.

Darren Williams, aka Starslinger from Manchester, UK, posted a 70’s inspired music video about three women. This marks the release of his third album First Love Music.

Starslinger posted the following in the blog at his official website, “First Love Music is my third and best LP to date. This time I’ve recruited my friend SCALLY on vocals/songwriting duties. The album sees us coming to terms with the Misadventures of First Love. In the words of F Scott Fitzgerald, ‘There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice.’ We share more than the same birthday, and together we’ve made a body of work we are super proud of.”

Starlinger and SCALLY share the same birthday and they wrote this album together. The LP has nine tracks featuring collaborations with Murkage Dave, Mista Silva, Ryan Hawaii, Snowy, Nikita Holly, Gilli.jpg, Teef, Louise Wellby and Andre the Kid.

On Instagram the producer posted a clip of the video on YouTube and at-ed all the actresses. Right now it actually has more views than the music video on YouTube.

Stream and/or download First Love Music by Starslinger from your provider of choice.

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