Slushii at TeamLab Tokyo

Slushii’s Sophomore DREAM LP Is a Rainbow Reverie

For his second studio length album Slushii took a darker approach than his debut LP that explores sadness and depression.

Slushii, aka Julian Scanlan, is usually a happy guy. He’s named after a delicious iced beverage and often collaborates with his pal Marshmello. At the album preview event at TeamLab Tokyo, he explained that the new project is about depression, which is okay to feel sometimes.

“It’s a super emotional album,” he stated at the album listening party. He continued, “I’m super excited to play it for you guys. It is a story of sometimes sadness, sometimes depression. And it just goes to show that it’s okay to feel sad sometimes. Even though a lot of my music is very happy, some of this music is dark so it’s a cool experience.”

Japan, which has one of the highest suicide rates in the world, was the perfect place to debut the album. CNN reported that last year more young people killed themselves in Japan than in any year since 1986. So it’s important to talk about depression and not hide it.

Slushii posted photos from the listening party on his official Instagram account. TeamLab or the MORI Building Digital Art Museum, is a modern art museum dedicated to digital art. That’s why there are so many kaleidoscopic light shows in the background.

Meanwhile the music producer will be on a tour of the US for the rest of December. Check out the full tour schedule at his official website.

Stream and/or download DREAM by Slushii from your music provider of choice.

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