robyn at the Robyn Party in Brooklyn

Robyn Announces New Album with ‘Missing U’

This will be Robyn’s first LP since Body Talk in 2010. She made the announcement with a lyric video for “Missing U” the first single.

Robyn, aka Robin Miriam Carlsson, the Swedish soprano, announced her first new album in eight years. She also released the first single from the new album, “Missing U” and a message video.

The title “Missing U” is a standard pop song, but it’s one that doesn’t get old. “there´s this empty space you left behind/now you´re not here with me/i keep digging through our waste of time/but the pictures incomplete/cause i´m missing you/i miss u… ” sings Robyn (sic).’

The track premiered on Annie Mac’s show on BBC Radio 1, which is a really big deal in the UK. The BBC quotes her as saying, “When I wrote this album I think I was quite tired of myself writing sad love songs. But I did anyway and looking back on that now, I think it’s OK for things to be sad.” She continued, “Combining it with something that’s bright and strong and powerful is a way of finding your way out of the sadness.” She also mentioned that she was releasing a new album.

The message to her fans video is about a party in Brooklyn, New York called the Robyn Party. There is a group of people in Brooklyn who enjoy the music of Robyn enough to throw a theme party dedicated to her. Robyn seems nervous at first but shows up to the event and has a nice time.

The Robyn Party is held regularly at the Brooklyn Bowl by ADVENTURE[s], a party collective consisting of DJ Choyce Hacks! and Cherry Magdalene, and tickets are only $10.

Robyn told Mac that she recorded the album – which has yet to be titled – in Stockholm, New York, Paris and Ibiza. She is joining Radio 1 for a special broadcast in Ibiza. And she posted this pic while there in an oversized white tee and white shorts, with a sarong and wrap around sandals.

Stream and/or download “Missing U” by Robyn where music is legally distributed.

Cover image by Gregory Phillip Hyde.

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