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What’s Your Rave Spirit Animal Hood?

Find out what your rave spirit animal is and check out the related hood or crown.

The American Indians believe everyone has a spirit animal and they wear matching animals hoods at raves to symbolize which one they are. To find out which animal you are read the descriptions below, and click on the pictures to learn more about each product.


rabbit animal hood

Floppy Eared Bunny Rabbit Scoodie Spirit Hood by DreamFluffs ($90)

Do you sometimes feel like a rack of meat hopping around the world waiting to get devoured? Then you might be a bunny. Rabbits are super cute pets but they are food to pretty much everyone else.


fox animal hood

Natural Red Fox Critter Hood by the Manic Macaw ($75)

The clever fox spends her time trekking around hunting for small furry animals to eat. Misunderstood by society they stick to the shadows to protect themselves from the outside world.


wolf animal hood

White Wolf Rave Hat by KawaiiAtama ($70)

The wolf is a pack animal that moves in groups. Usually there is an alpha female and male with a pack of loyal betas clustered around them. They take out larger animals using the power of teamwork.


bear animal hood

Tie Dye Faux Fur Teddy Full Hat with Paw Scarf by wompawear ($59)

If you love salmon, honey and are fiercely protective of your young, then maybe you are a bear. Bears usually stay at home but sometimes pay for music festival tickets if their favorite DJ’s are in the line up.


Custom Kitty Scoodie by Beatzwear ($145)

Leopards are more independent than wolves but they compete for the same food. They spend a lot of time sitting in tall places, grooming themselves and waiting for someone to walk by them.


unicorn animal hood headdress crown

Rainbow Unicorn Crown by Frecklesfairychest ($65)

The rarest and most magical creature of all is the rave unicorn. They can take a simple idea and turn it into a million dollar business plan. Do not confuse them with the rave pegasus because they hate that.


otter animal hood

Otter Hooded Scarf by WarriorsofWild ($70.54)

If you love swimming in the ocean and using your tummy as a table then you are probably an otter. Otters really just want to love and be loved, but are often persecuted for their thick, gorgeous coats.


butterfly animal hood headdress crown

Faerie Goth Headdress Pixie by AdAstraOfficial ($36)

Butterflies start out as caterpillars and them transform into beautiful winged insects. They feed on sweet nectar that comes from flowers, and spend most of their time flying around and landing on them.


goat horns animal hood headdress crown

Horn Headdress by ErzsebetsMirror ($29.22)

Goats are cute but a little evil because they are associated with the devil. There are a lot of funny internet videos of baby goats because they have a lot of attitude and enjoy climbing on things.


deer antlers animal hood headdress crown

Gold and Black Mini Deer Antlers by HysteriaMachine ($26.62)

Deers live in wooded areas and live on a vegetarian diet. When they are not eating plants they are sitting in the bushes and chewing on cud. They are beautiful but cautious because they are often hunted.


Want one of these spirit animal hoods or headdresses? Click the image to visit each designer’s online storefront.

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