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OWSLA Goods by Skrillex Releases Merch for the Holidays

OWSLA Goods released some new products in time for Christmas. You can purchase Skrillex’s fashions online and at the shop in downtown Los Angeles.

For their holiday 2017 campaign OWSLA Goods went with an interactive advent calendar that dispenses coupons that look like lotto scratchers. The prizes are discounts on various OWSLA Goods.


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OWLSA Goods Address

The OWLSA Pop Up was supposed to be a temporary retail event during the summer of 2016. But it must be doing well enough because the store is still open from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm at 1001 North Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90012, according to their Yelp page. Hopefully they are transitioning to the name OWSLA Goods because a popup is supposed to be temporary.

OWSLA Goods are made in a factory in downtown LA the way American Apparel used to be — before the CEO assaulted all those models and they were bought out by a Canadian cotton conglomerate.

OWSLA Holiday 2017 Merch

Crop Tee

owsla goods crop top Show off your abdominals in a 100% cotton crop top branded with the OWSLA logo. The OWSLA Logo Crop Tee in Black ($22) is based on the original OWSLA black t-shirt only shorter.

Clear Umbrella

owsla goods umbrella Now you can see the OWSLA logo floating around all the time and not just on Instagram with the OWSLA Logo Clear Umbrella ($40). Unless you go indoors because it is bad luck to open it inside.

Dad Hat

owsla goods dad hat The Large Black/White Dad Hat ($32) is the perfect baseball cap. It would look good coordinated with the OWSLA Logo Crop Tee above and the OWSLA Taping Sweatpant as seen below.

Taping Sweatpant

owsla goods taping sweatpant Stay breezy with a loose fitting pair of the OWSLA Taping Sweatpant(s) ($115). These are 97% cotton and 3% Skrillex spandex with jacquard taping along the sides. You could wear them with metallic sneakers.

Mystery Box

owsla goods mystery boxes holidays 2017 If you are feeling adventurous, or you just want to wear an OWSLA Goods top everyday of the week, consider an OWSLA Goods Mystery Box ($80-$200). These come with an assortment of goods that may or may not be two t-shirts, one fleece, one long sleeve shirt, two hats and/or two accessories.

OWSLA Records has not released any new music for 23 days, which is nearly a year in EDM time. Their last drop was EKALI “Past Life” featuring Opia. Try to be content with this holiday merch in the meantime.

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