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Obey Releases New Print in Time for Women’s March 2.0

Famous street artist Shepard Fairey of Obey Clothing is open sourcing a new “We the People” print to support a fair immigration policy in the US.

Obey and the Emerson Collective are teaming up with the Amplifier Foundation on a campaign to support the Dream Act, a controversial bill enacted by the Obama Administration that gives illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship. The problem is that President Trump wants to end it. Obey encourages people to wear a Defend Dignity tee to the Women’s March on January 20, 2018.

Emerson Collective is nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting social justice issues such as immigration reform.  It was founded by Laurene Powell-Jobs, who is the widow of Steve Jobs. Amplifier Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to social equality through art.

Arlene Mejorado

The print is based on a portrait of photojournalist Arlene Mejorado (shown here in her quinceañera dress) who is the daughter of Latin American immigrants. It was part of the “We the People” series that Fairey worked on last year with photojournalist Aaron Huey, that included prints of three women. All proceeds from that campaign went to support Amplifier Foundation.

shepard fairey we the people print

The Defend Dignity tees are sold out at Obey Clothing, but there are a lot of knock off versions for sale via Google Shopping. Or buy a different Obey shirt. And you are allowed to print your own tee.

Fairey encourages protestors to rock the new t-shirts and show up to Women’s March 2018. In a recent Instagram post the artist stated, “On January 21, 2017, millions of women and their male allies marched in solidarity for not just women’s rights but human rights. It’s important that we maintain last year’s momentum and continue to use all of our voices on behalf of equality. Let’s not become numb to our current administration and lose sight of injustices. Let’s continue to push forward. Now’s the time.
If you plan on participating in this Saturday’s #WomensMarch, visit www.amplifier.org to download, print, and share all three of my #WeThePeople posters.”

shepard fairey we the people print

The Women’s March is scheduled for tomorrow morning in cities across the United States. Visit the official Women’s March website to learn more and RSVP for an event near you.

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