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Netflix Premieres ‘Ibiza’ Movie About Girls’ Trip to Spain

The new Netflix movie Ibiza are that it is a romantic comedy about a woman who goes to Ibiza and falls in love with a European house music DJ.

Netflix’s new release Ibiza follows the story of three women who visit Ibiza, Spain and have a wild adventure that helps them find their way in life. This is a Slutty Raver Costumes spoiler alert.

If you love cheesy romantic comedies for the sheer joy of it then this is another movie for you. You don’t really need to worry about spoiler alerts because the plot is so predictable.

The main character Harper, played by Gillian Jacobs lives in New York and has a dream job at a big advertising agency. Her boss sends her to Barcelona for work, and her best friends decide to go with her. As soon as she gets there a superstar European house DJ picks her out of the crowd and they fall madly in love on the spot. He leaves his set halfway through to go on a date with her.

ibiza 2018 movie screenshot

Harper meets DJ Leo West and sparks fly.

Director Director Alex Richanbach, a man, told the Hollywood Reporter that the film was produced around the time that the news about Harvey Weinstein was coming out of the creepy rapist closet, and the Me Too movement. “From the jump, we were conscious of Ibiza being a modern film and making something that we would all feel comfortable watching for years to come. He continued, “So it fits in this current cultural movement. I think it shows people, women in particular, with a lot of nuances. We just wanted it to feel real and honest.”

However the three female main characters spend the entire length of the movie talking about how badly they want to find men. They don’t ask what song is playing once. They also take speed and ecstasy and binge drink with no serious consequences or negative side effects. At the end, Harper quits her once in a lifetime position in a very unprofessional manner, and then pretty much gets engaged — even though her female boss is awesome and swears at her all the time.

ibiza 2018 movie bffs

Best friends in Ibiza.

The movie has a few funny moments, mostly the jokes that Harper’s friend Leah makes about sex. So it isn’t a total loss, and is worth watching for the sake of irony, especially if you love EDM. But it doesn’t come anywhere close to touching what the magical island of Ibiza really means to house music fans. And it’s not really that feminist, it’s just about a group of three women.

Ibiza (2018) is streaming now exclusively at Netflix.

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