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Music Video for Steve Aoki ‘Waste It on Me’ ft BTS Is Here

“Waste It on Me” by Steve Aoki featuring BTS is the most played track on his new album and now there is a karaoke themed music video.

The music video for Steve Aoki “Waste It on Me” takes place in a karaoke bar. E News points out it is an all Asian cast that includes Devon Aoki, Ben Baller, Ross Butler, Jamie Chung and Ken Jeong. BTS, aka the Bangtan Boys, are a South Korean boy band more popular than One Direction.

We both found each other tonight, tonight/ So if love is nothing more than just a waste of your time/ Waste it on me, waste it on me…” sing Jungkook, RM and Jimin of BTS.

BTS doesn’t appear in the official video because it’s about people singing the song at a karaoke bar. Devon Aoki, film actress and Steve Aoki’s little sister, can be spotted looking a little like Amy Seyfried from Mean Girls (2004). She is pictured at the top of the page with Butler who was on the Disney Channel show K.C. Undercover (2015). He’s a few years younger than her.

Baller is a jewelry designer from LA who specializes in grillz and iced out chains. Chung is an actress that gained notoriety on The Real World: San Diego (2004). Jeong is a comedian and actor known for being in TV series like The Hangover (2009) and Dr. Ken (2015). He’s also a real doctor.

The song was number one on the iTunes Charts last October, and number two on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Digital Sales charts last November, making it the most played track on Aoki’s album Neon Future III that was officially released last week.

Stream and/or download “Waste It on Me” by Steve Aoki featuring BTS from your music provider of choice. And check out the entire Neon Future III album while you’re at it.

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