Milk Makeup Blacklit Kit

Milk Makeup Blacklit Kit Contains Florescent Lip + Cheek

The new Milk Makeup Blacklit Kit turns ultraviolet blue and neon coral when exposed to a blacklight on the dance floor or elsewhere.

It’s so hard to find high quality glow in the dark makeup. But the Milk Makeup Blacklit Kit is vegan, cruelty and paraben free with antioxidant rich apricot, orange peel, and grapefruit extracts.

Milk Makeup Blacklit Kit

The kit includes lip gloss in a pearly-pink shade, and Lip + Cheek that is a sheer coral when the lights are on. Under florescent lighting the lip gloss glows blue and the tint glows coral. Each Blacklit Kit ($28) also comes with a tiny flashlight you can use to mess with animals’ minds.

Earlier this month Milk Makeup announced a collaboration with Wu-Tang Clan on Wu-Tang x Milk Makeup Lip Color ($55). They describe it as a long wearing, enlightening lip armor that comes in eight different shades in a gold tone, dragon shaped tube. Now they are releasing glow in the dark makeup, so obviously they must be a cool brand that goes to the club sometimes.

The Milk Makeup Blacklit Kit is available now via their official web store.

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