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Mija Drops Just Enough EP, ‘Dead Flowers & Cigarettes’

Mija released a two-track EP of spoken words and EDM, including “I Hope to Cure Myself of You” and “Dead Flowers and Cigarettes.”

EDM DJ and producer Mija, aka Amber Giles from Phoenix, Arizona, doesn’t believe in genres. But her new Just Enough EP is kind of like trance-disco with spoken words.

You’re the saddest girl I know…” begins Mija in the opening of “Flowers and Cigarettes.” She self released the project on her label Never B Alone. But most people know her through OWSLA.

Nest HQ says, “Mija is presently playing vinyl on tour, living the dream of a forgotten era of DJing where schlepping physical records all over the world was just part of the job, and it feels like her new Just Enough EP is a reflection of this shift. The two-track EP is avant-garde house at its finest, intersecting if only for a fleeting moment with many other genres including industrial electronica, electro, breaks, slowed-down moombahton, tech-house and more.”

On Instagram Mija typed, “i’m not a great vinyl dj (by a long shot lol)…but i’m trying out new things, taking risks, and showing u my most vulnerable/flawed human-self. hopefully by the end of this tour i will have mastered a new skill set, while inspiring others to gain the confidence needed to put themselves out there as well. thank u all for bearing with me on this journey. much love❤️.”

Stream and/or download Just Enough EP by Mija from your legal music provider of choice.

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