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Medusa Will Turn Your Favorite Sneakers into Skates

Medusa Skates is a rollergirl owned company that specializes in roller derby equipment, and they make custom skates.

Located in Austin, Texas, Medusa Skates concentrates on clothing and roller skates for roller derby enthusiasts. They will sell you a pair of custom made roller skates made from your favorite type of sneakers. However they do warn you beforehand that they are extremely uncomfortable.

Sneakers are normally very comfortable. But they are not designed the same way as skates, with extra supportive soles that are rigid and hard. Sneakers usually have rubber soles.

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According to representatives, “We can make your sneakers into roller skates but we HIGHLY recommend not doing this.” They continue, “However, we can still do it—if you must :).”

So a pair of Converse or Vans skates, or even Adidas skates, would look good in a photo shoot, but would not have a lot of practical applications. If you want a pair of skates you can wear on the boardwalk, consider the all new Moxi Jungle Skates ($149.99) in leopard print. If you want to dance at the roller disco, then Riedell OG Jam/Rhythm Skates ($529) in black leather could be for you.

These new glitter roller skates are so cool! We have them in glittery pink and the blue shown here. Get the details by clicking the link in our profile. #rollerdisco #glittereverything ・・・ Repost @genevieve_davis ・・・ Really excited to start sharing some new work I photographed for @suregrip skates new Stardust line (SPARKLE GLITTER ROLLERSKATES OMG 😍). This shoot was super special to my heart. Everyone involved in this-producer, HMUA, photographer, stylist, location & models-is a genuine skater & I couldn’t have asked for a more talented team of people to fit a lot of work into a short amount of time. Most of my jobs now days are super natural, & it felt so great to stretch my lighting legs again. Thanks a mil @xoxobanzai . Anyway few more sneaks in my stories and more to come. Photo: @genevievedavis Model: @aaliyah913 Assist: @danilo__ruiz Hair: @freebirdslbc Makeup: @kelsiezombie Stylist: @conchitaqueen Producer: @xoxobanzai Location: @dirtydeborahharry @fvskatingcenter

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The Sure-Grip Stardust Glitter Rollerskates ($179.95) shown above via Instagram were recently mentioned by Slutty Raver Costumes as a wardrobe “essential” for any disco diva.

To learn more about having roller skates customized visit the official Medusa Skates website.

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