Khalid in screenshot from ocean music video

Martin Garrix and Khalid Swim Together in ‘Ocean’

Martin Garrix and Khalid work together on sound waves in their new single “Ocean” and in the dimly lit music video.

In the music video for their song “Ocean” Martin Garrix and Khalid collaborate together on a musical project. They are both enjoying success in their early 20’s, and run in similar social circles.

The track has Top 40 pop music radio potential as Khalid sings, “You could put an ocean between our love, love, love/It won’t keep us apart/You could build a wall, I would run it up, up, up/Just to get to your heart/If we’re caught in a wave/Baby, we’ll make a way…”

Garrix and Khalid, aka Khalid Donnel Robinson from Georgia, posted some images and videos to Instagram, behind the scenes at the music video shoot.

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The two released the song on STMPD Records, which is Garrix’s imprint.

Stream and/or download “Ocean” by Martin Garrix and Khalid from your music provider of choice.

Alan Walker’s remix for the musical The Greatest Showman was in the top trending on YouTube for awhile. Marshmello did some stuff involving t-shirts and hoodies.

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