scene from Marshmello Take It Back video

Marshmello Video Approaches 2 Million Views in Two Days

The music video for “Take It Back” by Marshmello has accumulated millions of plays in a couple days and is set to be his biggest song since “Alone” in 2016.

“Take It Back” is the fourth single off Marshmello’s debut album Joytime that should not be confused with his other EP’s with Selena Gomez, Migos or Khalid. The video is sweet and fluffy like he is. In it Marshmello brings his girlfriend to his family’s house for Christmas dinner.

It’s always a little sketch going to your boyfriend or girlfriend’s house for the holidays, especially if you are meeting their family for the first time. It turns out that Marshmello inherited his funny marshmallow shaped head as a genetic trait from his family.

His girlfriend has a clumsy moment where she breaks a glass and then an antique victrola and she is horribly embarrassed. But Marshmello chases after her and cheers her up with a present of a magical boombox that looks like Marshmello, and plays his music.

The producer’s most popular video ever is “Alone” that takes place at his high school. As of this posting the YouTube video has over 60 million views. It has a similar vibe of warmth and togetherness as he unites the students with his awesome DJ abilities.  That might be why this one is also doing so well, because a lot of people relate to his anonymity. The song was one of his first releases in 2016.

Meanwhile Forbes reports that Marshmello made $21 million dollars last year making him the 8th richest DJ of 2017. And Billboard reported that the DJ is the Top Dance/Electronic New Artist and the 11th overall act. Both “Wolves” featuring Selena Gomez and “Silence” featuring Khalid have been the top singles in the Dance/Electronic charts since last November. And “Alone” is still in the teens.

Anyway the EDM video “Take It Back” is ideal for the holiday season. Since Marshmello is universally appealing to the young and old it might make a good soundtrack for Christmas celebrations with family.

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