marshmello enjoying an asian style thanksgiving in together music video

Marshmello ‘Together’ Video Is So Sweet It Hurts Our Teeth

Marshmello released another holiday meal themed video for “Together” about spending Thanksgiving with loved ones and new friends.

“Together” is an instrumental track off Marshmello‘s Joytime II album. There was a viral animation video last June. But now there is a Thanksgiving themed music video that is saccharine AF.

It starts off with a college presentation about the country where your family originated. Marshmello is embarrassed because he doesn’t know what ethnicity his family is. He is a marshmallow, so he might have been cooked in a vat of corn syrup in a factory.

After class a friend approaches Marshmello and invites him to Thanksgiving dinner with his family. They have an awesome Asian-style Thanksgiving meal with rice and saki. This prompts Marshmello to talk to his own parents who are also marshmallows. They show him a family album and he finally learns where he comes from. Then he invites his friend over to their Thanksgiving dinner. It looks like he was totally unprepared for his genealogy homework assignment.

On Instagram Marshmello writes, “Together music video is live! This is a reminder that despite our different cultures and backgrounds, we’re all the same ❤️ link in bio #marshmello”

Last December Marshmello did a Christmas dinner themed music video for “Take It Back” where he invites his girlfriend over to meet his family. The DJ likes family meals, okay?

Stream and/or download Joytime II by Marshmello where music is legally distributed.

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