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Little Boots Premiers Two Music Videos and ‘Burn’ EP

This week Little Boots released the videos for “Picture” and “Shadows” and her Burn EP debuted in the iTunes Charts.

Little Boots, a.k.a. Victoria Christina Hesketh, premiered the video for Picture” featuring Lauren Flax via Billboard, after giving an exclusive in studio performance. She dropped Burn EP through Consequence of Sound (COS). And followed that up by debuting the music video for “Shadows” featuring Joyce Muniz in Nylon Magazine.

Apparently “Picture” was shot all in one take. Little Boots told Billboard, “I wanted to explore our relationship with technology and the powerlessness we can have over what it presents to us.”

Flax is a DJ, songwriter and producer from Detroit, Michigan that produced the song.

Hesketh told Nylon that, “I’ve been living in reverse. I didn’t really do my 20s the way we’ve been conditioned to do our 20s. I was just so obsessed with work, I never really went out.” Now all she wants to do is DJ at nightclubs and attend warehouse parties — and promote feminist rights.

Muniz is a Brazilian DJ, vocalist and producer, who released Pulp Fiction EP in 2011.

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Then in COS, Boots described the true meaning behind each song from the new EP.

“[‘Picture’] was very much inspired by my experience with social media, and our often powerless relationship with technology.” She continued, “We are bombarded with images on an hourly basis and although we have an illusion of control over our curation, the reality is most of the time we have very little influence over what we see and how we are affected by it.”

Regarding “Shadows” she said, “I was coming out of a break up at the time, and living that strange dual life of going out a lot and being social to keep busy but actually deep down feeling very anti social and lost. It really is a tears on the dance floor song about,” she trailed off and then continued, “Drinking the bitterest dregs of a leftover love than giving in to losing it completely and realising you deserve more.”

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Stream or download Burn by Little Boots from your preferred music provider.

Little Boots recently dropped a disco house mixtape to tease the release of Burn. Dillon Francis is going to be in Taskmaster on Comedy Central this spring.

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