Ka’oir Cosmetics by Keyshia Mane Are Crunk as It Gets

Keyshia Ka’oir may have recently married famous rapper Gucci Mane on her new reality show but she is also a busy beauty and fitness entrepreneur.

This season on BET Keyshia Ka’oir and Gucci Mane, aka the godfather of trap, got married in an extravagant Miami ceremony that cost nearly two million dollars.

BET is a subsidiary of Viacom, an entertainment group that owns CMT, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Spike, TV Land and VH1.

kaoir cosmetics glitzstick in pool party

Ka’oir Cosmetics Glitzstick in Pool Party ($27.99)

That’s how we found out about Ka’oir Cosmetics and their brand of highly pigmented, multicolor lipsticks that can be worn in matte, gloss or glitter.

In this clip from The Mane Event Ka’oir (Ka-uh-or) talks about how she started her makeup line from the ground up with only one product, blue lipstick. She also owns a company called Ka’oir Fitness. She is shown networking with fans at a trade show hoping to increase sales for her company. Since it is a reality show there is also some drama with a friend who flaked on her wedding planning dinner party.

In the clip Ka’Oir wears the Platinum Glitzstick ($27.99) to match her platinum ice. It is part of a package that includes Ka’Oir Lipstick in Platinum. To achieve the extra shiny look the Glitz is applied separately with the included applicator. It comes in 27 unique colors such as Pool Party, Red Roses or Rude Girl.

Ka’oir (32) is originally from Jamaica. As the show progresses and she turns into a raging bridezilla who demands crystals and diamonds on everything, her sassy Jamaican accent gets thicker. Mane stays in the background for most of the show but does appear in between tours from time to time.

If you liked Fenty Makeup by Rihanna then check out Ka’Oir Cosmetics by Keyshia Ka’Oir-Mane, but only if you are crunk. And if you like watching The Kardashians, or you love getting caught up in trap music, then definitely tune into The Mane Event on BET to watch Gucci and Keyshia get married.

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