two women wearing temporary tattoo makeup

How to Wear the Temporary Tattoo Makeup Trend

Pictures of MUA’s with temporary tattoo makeup on their faces are sweeping the internet. But there are more kinds than just flowers.

Temporary tattoo makeup makes sense because it’s much easier than spending hours meticulously painting designs on your face with liquid eyeliner. Temporary tattoos are plentiful, cheap and come in a variety of themes, such as floral, outer space, metallic, bohemian, animals, music, science and more. The look is ideal for music festivals where anything goes.

Take a look at these different ideas for temporary tattoo makeup as selected by Slutty Raver Costumes. Be sure to follow us on Pinterest using the social media buttons.


This lady matched the warm tones of flowers with a bold, red lipstick.

While this person just stuck the whole tattoo over their entire face.

Here we see an Asian inspired theme of cherry blossoms over white makeup.

Florals contrast nicely with stripes, as this makeup artist found out one day.

Liven up a spring look with floral temp tats and pastel eye makeup.

Glitter Freckles

Consider glitter freckles worn with a nose ring, faux lashes and baby bangs.

Gold freckles add interesting texture to a natural look.

These star shaped freckles match the metallic pink eye makeup.

This is chunky gold glitter paired with gold eyeliner and mascara.

Here are subtle gold freckles, liquid eyeliner and stained red lips.


This store has beautiful metallic tattoos for any occasion!

You could also add the cycles of the moon over the eyebrows with a floppy hat.

This intricate back tattoo washes away after a week or so.

We’re also seeing a lot of geometric designs worn with an open back.

This woman’s henna is so boho that we just can’t take it anymore.

If you have commitment issues then this is a temporary travel tattoo.

Look like a glorious angel with metallic temporary tattoos.

Black & White

These white temporary tattoos are called GypsyLovinLight: Lunar Love

Look like you just got out of prison but you have refined taste in lace.

Traditional Indian henna tattoos can be used at strategic points.

Avoid losing your mask at the masquerade ball by glueing it to your face.

Accessorize a summer dress with a minimalistic white temporary tattoo.

This lotus Sanskrit tattoo adds edgy style to cutoffs and a backless tank top.

If you have trouble picking one tattoo, then temporary tattoos are the way to go. The crisp lines and colorful images add extra style to statement makeup that everyone will copy.

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