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How to Wear the New Cold War Fashion Trend

Recent political changes in the world have dredged up Cold War tensions between the west and the east. Here is how to style the new look!

Cold war fashion draws a lot of inspiration from military history, such as camo jackets, officer’s caps, combat boots and patriotic patterns. You may have noticed all the camouflage prints in designer “street wear” lines such as Yeezy, Off-White, Givenchy and Valentino. That’s the Cold War influence. The idea is to show how much you love democracy, and not getting blown up.

Consider the following new Cold War inspired outfit that was hand picked by Slutty Raver Costumes. Click on the links to learn more about each product.

cold war essentials outfit

Officer’s Cap

The Manokhi Vinyl Visor Officer’s Cap ($398) is 100% red wool with a stiff vinyl visor. Romanian label Manokhi embraces Cold War fashions with their unique brand of leather mini skirts.

Combat Boots

When the bombs fall you will be glad you invested in a sturdy yet stylish pair of ALLSAINTS Donita Boots ($348). That is actually much less than the US military pays for leather booties.

Aviator Glasses

In old movies from the 70’s and 80’s, which was during the first Cold War, people always wear Ray-Ban 6489 Frames ($179) while making calls on giant plastic rotary phones. Now women wear them on social media to enhance their cheekbones and look cuter in a crop top and shorts.

Camo Jacket

If you want a vintage military jacket then it’s a better deal to buy an actual camouflage jacket, such as the Army Surplus World Vintage Woodland Camo Field Jacket (On sale for $76). It has shoulder epaulets, a drawstring waist and may have been worn by a dead guy in Vietnam.

Patriotic Shorts

Prove how much you love America, or another country that also uses red, white and blue in their flag, in the Neo-Vintage Apparel Patriotic American Flag Tie Dye Shorts ($40).

Crop Top

Only a true American would wear an American Apparel 2×2 Button Front Short Sleeve Crop Top in White ($22). Or pay tribute to your favorite American band such as KISS, Metallica or Prince.

With these essential neo Cold War pieces you will be ready to take on the Communists in whatever form they may come, and resist un-American ideaologies.

Speaking of the Space Race, perhaps it is time you went galaxy goth. Learn more about how to wear the Matrix fashion trend after this.

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