How to Make Eyes Look Freakishly Huge w/ Gyaru Makeup

There are a lot of techniques for using makeup to make the eyes appear larger. But did you know it’s okay to color outside the lines?

Gyaru is a Japanese fashion trend for young women that originated in the 70’s as a type of street culture. The makeup in particular is characterized by huge eyes, thin brows, elaborate nail art and dyed hair. Gyaru makeup artists (MUA’s) use black and white eyeliner, false lashes and contact lenses to make their eye appear impossibly large, like a human doll or anime character.

This is old news, but now MUA’s are using gyaru makeup techniques to make their eyes appear larger. This can be used for costume makeup, or even dramatic looks on an evening out.

These are some of the biggest gyaru makeup inspired eyes on Pinterest, as selected by Slutty Raver Costumes. Click on the images to pin them or to visit the original posting.


Vodka and Vogue

Satomi Yakuwa

Pop Art Makeup

Asian Style

Avant Garde Flapper

Dolly Makeup

Blue Eyeliner


Picasso Inspired

Purple People

Big Eyes Effect

Big Impact

Weird Big Anime Eye


Bigger Innocent Eye

Elsa from Frozen

Eye Candy Contacts

Super Twiggy Eye

Cirque du Soleil

Mad Science

Gyaru eye makeup looks even bigger than Twiggy eye makeup, without resorting to costly plastic surgery that leaves you unable to keep dust particles out of your eye sockets. To get the look all you need is false lashes, black and white eyeliner and an eyeshadow palette or kit. The colored contact lenses and thin eyebrows are optional.

Cover image by NoemiSparkle. Subscribe to her tutorials on YouTube!

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