four styles of sexy fall sweaters

How to Make a Fall Sweater Look Sexy

There is a frosty chill in the air but layers don’t mean you have to look homeless. These are some ways to make a fall sweater more sexy.

Sweaters are cozy and warm and associated with fall. Autumn is the perfect time to dress in layers because the weather is colder. There are a lot of great cold weather accessories like beanies, hats, high socks, tights, scarves, shawls, boots, gloves, mittens and more. Just add a warm-looking fireplace, a hand knit blanket, a pet and latte and you have an Instagram picture.


Cropped sweaters have a look similar to a cropped crewneck sweatshirt or hoodie. Take advantage of a high waist to look slimmer in the middle, or use it as a cover up over a dress.

Plaid Pants

High Waist Jeans

Shirt Dress

High Waist Skirt

Cut Off Shorts


A see through sweater may be sheer all over or only in specific parts. Types of transparent sweaters include mohair, open weave, shredded or ripped, and ribbed.

Open Back

Lace Pants

No Bra

Cropped Top

Have Big Boobs


This season a lot of sweaters have revealing open backs. This may come in the form of a v-back, a t-strap back, a tie back, a tie back with ribbons, sheer panels or cut outs.

Round Purse

Tie Back

Beanie & Mittens

Layered Necklaces

Shorts & Hat


The turtleneck does cover up a lot of skin. But in a way it is the sexiest sweater type of all because it makes the chest look larger. Pair one with fishnets, socks and glasses.

Leather Skirt

High Waist + Belt

High Ponytail

Oversized Glasses

Cut Outs

Autumn is a time to wear cozy fall sweaters. Some of the sexiest fall sweaters include cropped, sheer, V-back and turtleneck. Layer them with cold weather accessories and self confidence.

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