Heey Courtney Rhinestone Eyebrows | Rose Gold Glitter!

How to Do Your Makeup Like a Rhinestone Eyebrow

Rhinestone eyebrow make up is the perfect look for when you’re riding out on a horse in a star-spangled rodeo.

Eyebrows are important because they keep tiny particles of dust out of the eyes, and make the face look normal by framing it. The latest beauty trend to hit the streets is rhinestone eyebrows.

It’s hard to say who exactly first stuck a rhinestone on their eyebrows. Most beauty bloggers claim they were the ones to do it. In November 2014, Benefit x Nylon collaborated on Bling Brow Crystal Jewelry with real Swarovski crystals. And they posted a makeup tutorial on YouTube. But this was in the early days of rhinestoning your eyebrows, and the designs were relatively simple. Now the cool thing is to add more bling to your statement eyes with a winsome rhinestone eyebrow.

These are some of the best rhinestone eyebrows on Pinterest as selected by Slutty Raver Costumes. The image at the top is from a video tutorial by Heey Courtney on YouTube.

1. Faux Heart Freckles

2. MAC Pearl Eyebrows

3. Fun Rainbow Rhinestone Eyebrows

4. Dramatic Glitter Makeup

5. Vintage 20’s Brows

6. Dramatic Black Eye Makeup

7. Christian Dior SS 2008

8. High Brow

9. Not Yours

10. Dragonfly Eye

11. Peacock Feather + Green Contacts

12. Tiger Eyes

13. Sparkle❄ Sparkle❄ Sparkle❄

14. Pearl Liner and Brows

15. #Swarovski

16. Rectangular

17. Lady Gaga at Tommy Hilfiger 2017

Obviously rhinestone eyebrows are amazing and you really want to try them. The only thing shinier would be glitter eyebrows. And the look pairs perfectly with glitter makeup. Just be careful to use the right type of adhesive because you don’t want to accidentally wax off your eyebrows and look like one of those eyebrow-less memes. They might not grow back. That would suck.

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