celebrity cruise liner with the words "new bae" over it

HARD Events Announces Friendly Floating Music Festival

Destructo, a.k.a. Gary Richards, Founder of HARD Events, has announced a new EDM Festival that will take place onboard the FRIEND-SHIP in the Caribbean.

Gary Richards is the founder of HARD Events and a DJ who goes by the name of Destructo. Following an announcement in Dancing Astronaut the EDM entrepreneur revealed a brand new festival called FRIENDSHIP that will take place on a boat. The maiden voyage takes place from December 11–15, 2018. It is a four-day journey that begins in Miami, Florida and then goes to Coco Bay, Bahamas.

Destructo the Friendship flyer

Richards teased the new EDM festival in a recent Instagram post, “There is a place where my friends and I go and we do fun things—the kind of fun things that build everlasting memories that I could never put a price on and I absolutely never could because these times are priceless and irreplaceable.” He continued, “At the end when I look back and reminisce about these times I had and the experiences that molded me and watered me enough to grow, I’ll think about all the friends I’ve made along the way and how I am a part of their story and they are more than all my friends. They are all my family.”

This has something to do with the upcoming festival. He followed this soliloquy with a photograph of a Celebrity Equinox Cruise Ship and the words “New Bae” superimposed over it as is seen here.

New Bae #FriendShip

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HARD Events are the masterminds behind HARD Summer, Holy Ship!, HARD Red Rocks and HARD Day of the Dead (discontinued). Tickets for HARD Summer 2018 will go on sale soon.

Visit thefriendship.com to sign up for email updates from HARD Events, and to be among the first to know when passes go on sale.

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