people lounge in a 1983 night club bathroom that is full of balloons and half empty drink glasses

Gucci Celebrates Second Summer of Love in the Club

Gucci released a collection of wool, nylon and cotton separates themed “The Second Summer of Love,” which apparently was 1983.

A new video by Gucci previews the Second Summer of Love collection. It takes place up in the club, circa 1983, in New York City. Gucci says this was the Second Summer of Love, and we believe them. It is actually a trailer as well, for the film Into a Space of Love, directed by Wu Tsang.

We are going to hypothesize what is going on here in the look book, based on our knowledge of the 1980’s club scene in New York up until this point, which is mostly from cinema.

First of all, the are hanging out in a public restroom that is littered with half drunk beverage containers. But they are doing it in Gucci, and it was a simpler time back then.

men loiter in a nightclub restroom

Since it is 1983, chances are that these people just used cocaine in the public restroom stalls. They are wearing the Striped Cotton Polo ($580), the Wool Pant ($780) and a mystery tank top.

woman wearing logo one piece sits on sink

This woman is also hanging out in the public restroom high on cocaine, defying social conventions of the time. She wears the Interlocking Logo Print Swimsuit in Purple that is not out yet.

random guy wearing gucci glasses in restroom

Then this guy in Gucci glasses walks in. And he’s like, “Oh hell no, they are doing cocaine in here!” But it’s hard to tell if he’s disgusted, or if he’s mad that they didn’t invite him because he’s new.

Gucci Embroidered nylon jacket

The only item for women is the Embroidered Nylon Jacket ($5,800). This model looks super stoked to be wearing it. The matching track pants were part of the Gucci Spring/Summer 2018 runway.

Peruse the entire Gucci Second Summer of Love campaign at their official website. And Gucci Interlocking Logo Print Swimsuits in red are available at Farfetch for $490.

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