joji in on my way out music video screenshot

Getter ‘On My Way Out’ ft Joji Will Freak Your Mind

Joji is featured on a Getter track called “On My Way Out” and now there is an emotionally intense music video they released.

Last September Getter released Viseral. Track 12, the last song, was “On My Way Out” featuring Joji. In the music video Joji trips out and goes to the market where he meets a lady friend. But he is still tripping out pretty hard after that, and seems self conscious about his hands.

I made the angels cry when I reconciled with the devil/ I saw the lies that they told you down by the dark/ I never meant to hide while I waiting for you to settle/ Now I’m no use/ Now I’m no use to you anymore…” repeats George “Joji” Miller three times. The song is all choruses.

Getter, aka Tanner Petulla, said “On my way out feat Joji. Music video out now.
Link in bio.” It looks like he might be shooting another video in the desert as well. Joji hasn’t made an Instagram post since last January, and his 2.6 million followers are starting to worry.

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Stream and/or download “On My Way Out” by Getter featuring Joji from your legitimate music provider of choice.

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