four scenes from dirty dancing and the outfits worn by Baby

Get the Look: Baby in Dirty Dancing (1987)

Learn how to dress like Baby from the 1987 major motion picture Dirty Dancing, who was originally played by Jennifer Grey.

You know when your family takes you on vacation to the Smoky Mountains? And everyone at the resort says you should go out with your rich doctor father’s work associate even though he’s a total douche, and all you really want to do is pursue your passion for dance and the hot instructor all the rich cougars are trying to get with — and you decided to enter a dance competition together even though you have no experience. That’s what Dirty Dancing (1987) is about.

Hungry Eyes

When Baby agrees to fill in for Penny at the dance competition she doesn’t have a lot of experience. But through a series of dance lessons we see her improve as a dancer. It becomes more apparent that there is some sexual tension between Baby and Johnny.

dirty dancing hungry eyes outfit

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Lake Lift

As her dancing skill improves through the film montage, Baby wears a pink gingham bikini to practice dancing. Then when they practice the lift at a nearby lake she happens to wear a white cotton tank top and clingy khaki pants. Then they totally nail the lift dance move.

dirty dancing lake lift outfit

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Hey Loverboy

Things are starting to heat up at the point when Baby and Johnny lip sync “LoverBoy” by Mickey and Sylvia while looking deeply into each other’s eyes. But the relationship is still insecure because one is a rich guest and the other a dance instructor from the wrong side of the tracks.

dirty dancing loverboy outfit

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Big Dance Number

When Baby’s father finds out that Baby has been in a sexual relationship with Johnny, after he helps her save his friend from a botched abortion procedure, he forbids her to see him again. But Johnny rushes in during the talent show and then they kill at their dancing routine.

dirty dancing corner outfit

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There were so many great scenes, outfits and soundtrack selections in the movie Dirty Dancing (1987). It would be hard to replicate the original in film or theater. The important takeaway is that you should never let someone stop you from dancing by placing you in a corner.

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