the weeknd in screenshot from lost in the fire music video

Gesaffelstein & The Weeknd Are ‘Lost in the Fire’

Man whore the Weeknd threw down vocals on “Lost in the Fire” with EDM producer Gesaffelstein, and there is a bleak music video to watch.

The new song “Lost in the Fire” by Gesaffelstein and the Weeknd comes with a music video that takes place in a black room while artistic stuff happens around the singer-songwriter.

I wanna fuck you slow with the lights on/ You’re the only one I’ve got my sights on/ Type of sex you could never put a price on/ I’ll take it off, you’re the one I’ll roll the dice on/ And I just want a baby with the right one…” sings the Weeknd, aka, Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, in the sensual lyrics.

Some media outlets are reporting that the Weeknd takes shots at Drake and Bella Hadid in the lyrics. But those people are tripping. It’s just a nice song about sex in the style of the Weeknd. That’s why we called him a man whore, because he always dates someone famous just in time for a musical release. If anything it’s reminiscent of the recent California wildfires.

The single is going to be in Mike Lévy Gesaffelstein’s upcoming sophomore album Hyperion. It is tentatively scheduled to be released in 2019 via Columbia Records.

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The Weeknd promoted the music video on his official Instagram account, but did not say much about it, which is not unusual for him. Above you see a photo of him in the studio in front of the lights of an unknown city. Meanwhile Gesaffelstein’s Instagram account has been wiped clean.

Stream and/or download “Lost in the Fire” by the Weeknd and Gesaffelstein where music is legally distributed.

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