Freaking Festival Fashion EDC Las Vegas 2018

Freaking Festival Fashion EDC Las Vegas 2018

Look at some of the best festival fashion from Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Las Vegas 2018 as selected by Slutty Raver Costumes.

The costumes at EDC Las Vegas 2018 were even more spectacular than is usual for an Insomniac Event. This was partly because it is in Las Vegas, and EDM and thot capital of the world. This year the trending street styles and festival fashions included body jewels and glitter boobs, braided hair, bodysuits and lingerie worn as a top, and of course military boots or sneakers.

Here are some of the top slutty raver costumes from EDC Las Vegas 2018, as were posted onto public Instagram account, and tagged — and they checked in. But there were just so many!

@ alisonvictoriaaa

? ? ?

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Alison Victoria from Los Angeles, captured this amazing shot with fireworks going off in the background. She wears a bejeweled captain hat and her companion is in a fluffy rave bra.

@ allyalv_

No words to describe this past weekend, best EDC yet ? It had it’s rough moments and got off to a rocky start, but the butterflies I got when I first walked in and the tears of happiness I cried made it all worth it ?? From staying off my phone and enjoying the moment, being able to bring my mom with me along for the ride, to meeting and dancing with so many new friends; this festival brings me happiness like nothing else can. There’s no experience that compares to EDC and i’ll keep coming back as long as I can ? Thank you @insomniacevents for always trying to give us the best experience possible ?? get ready for some major EDC spam to get me through this post festival depression ? . . . outfit from @freedomravewear use code “ALLY” at checkout ✨ . . . #edclasvegas #edc #insomniacevents

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Ally is from southern California where she is a personal trainer and rave booty model. This photograph of her holding a fan and wearing silly kitty ears is growing quite popular online.

@ clancyheidrich

You can’t rave with us ??✨#edc #edclasvegas #EDCLV2018 #insomniacevents #ravefam #rave

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Clancy Heidrich is a self proclaimed costume enthusiast. For EDC Las Vegas 2018 she put a lot of effort into her magical fairy costume, which she paired with old school Adidas.

@ dashaaa_peach

EDC, Day 1. ? *stellar camping crew not included

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Daria Gossett was a rainbow unicorn at EDC Las Vegas 2018, and her friend wore all camo.

@ fernandaglz

Fernanda and her best friends are shown here in their EDC costumes. Her cut out, sequined bodysuit is iridescent mermaid green in the light. They are also fans of Taylor Swift.

@ hartyyy

Lucy Hart is the head make up artist at the Gypsy Shrine in the United Kingdom. The beauty brand is renowned for their glitter boobs. They do painting booths at EDM festivals.

@ johnniesgram

Trés Leches ?? #edc #edmgays #kineticfield #custompiece

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Johnnie’s Day One EDC costume was so amazing that he is the only male slutty raver on this list.

@ kelsy.barnes

Kelsey Barnes is a Christian actress just trying to make it big in LA like everyone else. For EDC 2018 they work denim shorts and white bralettes. Plus a teddy that offers more support.

@ kimmayyx0

Back to reality ? #EDC2018 Day ??

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Model Kim May wears a silver bejeweled bikini with daisy appliques on the nipple area. The fitness enthusiast and EDM fan recently attended Lights All Night in Dallas, Texas.

@ lindasanchez72

EDC 2018 Amazing!??❤?‍♀️?‍♀️❤

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Linda Sanchez and her dance crew wore their Carnival costumes to EDC Las Vegas 2018, and no one could tell the difference, except people who have been to Carnival before.


Day ✌?—> #epic #dopest night? #ookay ??

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Liz Sou attended the event with her boyfriend. On Day Two she wore a metallic romper with a hood and a zip up front, with purple lipstick, a fanny pack and kandi rave bracelets.

@ lvndz

babygirl’s a baddie

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Lauren Audencial is from the East Bay part of the Bay Area in California. She captured this image of her EDC costume that kind of makes if seem like you’re tripping with the effect.

@ _mamalia

Maybe one more cause I wish I was here rather than work ? #day1 ?

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Amalia models booty shorts with a high thigh, a sheer crop top and pasties. She is wearing the tie up, rubber soled boots and ankle socks traditionally worn by shuffle dancers.

@ megangerberluff

Megan Luff had her hair braided for the late spring occasion. Here she is in metallic booty shorts, a sheer crop top, pasties, a cape that looks like butterfly wings and hi top Vans.

@ misscatherinelynn

Model Catherine Lynn work an S&M themed leather caged lattice raver costume with boob tape on Day One. On Day Two she wore a stunning one piece swimsuit by La Perla.

@ msrachel.santi

And just like that it’s back to reality?…. @edc_lasvegas was an experience like no other once again. No matter how hard I try I could never truly describe the feeling of pure joy I get from this event. When I’m there it feels like home. I got to cross off so many DJ’s that I’ve waited to see for years, and every set exceeded my expectations. With the rise in popularity of EDM music and raves the past couple of years, it’s felt like the motto of plur has slowly been dying. BUT after this event I know that’s not true. PLUR IS STILL ALIVE, we as a family just need to remember that✨ thank you EDC…..until next year❤ p.s. more pics of this weekend to come? #plur #goodvibes #edclasvegas #edc #edm #edmgirls #edmlifestyle #insomniac #rave #ravers #ravergirl #love

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Millennial Rachel Santiago is a raver slash budtender. Her weed themed raver costume included cannabis leaf pasties, gold body glitter, a bandana and marijuana print shorts.

@ nianhu

Nian Hu had a great time in a simple black one piece with a thong backside, a neon fanny pack and face jewels. She felt inspired to write a short essay about it on Instagram.

@ sofia_sofia9379

Shuffle dancer Sophia is a local resident of Las Vegas. She is sponsored by Britt’s Blossoms, a store for ravers based in New York. Note the pink cut out sequined bodysuit with ruffles.

@ taylerrrae

Taylor Rae is a raver and indie model living in southern California. On Day One she wore pasties with camouflage chaps. And on Day Two this two piece with pasties sticking out.

@ tia_rrivera

Wishing I could go back to EDC day one ???

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Tia Rivera is a music blogger and college student from New York living in Arizona. For EDC Las Vegas 2018 she chose a silver, sequined rave bra, a boho chain belt and natural hair.

Rave culture and the EDM community were in full force at Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas this year. Pop music, hip hop and electronica fans danced together in unity and got to wear body jewelry in public. If anything, this shows that the musical genre and lifestyle of electronic dance music is far from over. See all the new festival fashions by following Slutty Raver Costumes.

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