goddess statue at electric forest 2018

Freakin Festival Fashion from Electric Forest 2018

Electric Forest 2018 went okay this year. The setting, art installations and slutty raver costumes were all very impressive.

The first official Electric Forest happened in the summer of 2011, in Rothbury, Michigan. It was presented by the founders of Rothbury Festival (2008-2009), a jam band and rock music festival. The electronic dance music festival was managed by Madison House Presents and Insomniac Events in 2011. But Live Nation purchased a controlling share of Insomniac Events in 2013.

Electric Forest is one of the most notorious EDM festivals in the midwest. Apparently the local police department is aware of it too, because 58 people were arrested at Electric Forest 2018. Hunter Lurie, age 27, died of cardiac arrest. He was the son of filmmaker Rod Lurie.

But that doesn’t mean that the raver costumes weren’t super cute this year. We spotted a lot of trends such as pastie tops, futuristic sunglasses, mesh tops, sequined rave kimonos, chainmail bras, face and body jewels, braids, bodysuits, body jewelry, garters and fans.

Check out some of the best festival fashion from Electric Forest 2018 below. The following images were hashtagged on Instagram at the event on public accounts, where they also checked in.


Girly Angie ?is happy Angie ?

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Angie Borowski is a student at the University of Minnesota. She is bringing back the 90’s with scrunchies and small sunglasses, plus a mesh bra with daisy appliques.



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Bass Babe is promoting Vidration, a camelback made specifically for EDM festivals. Remember to drink a lot of water, but not too much because that can be bad too.


Beatriz List is a student at Michigan State University. She made long lasting memories with her friends in boho rave gear such as velvet, lace, crop tops and a rainbow jumpsuit.


Festival photographer Britanny No Fomo captured this shot of the Stilt Brigade from Brooklyn, New York. They were walking around dressed like giant cowboy flowers.


Bailey Page, aka Butterfly Bailey, is an EDM festival enthusiast and model. She was promoting Mermaid Magic, a company that sells face jewels, which they call Mermaid Scales.


Dana Deeg from Wisconsin has the uncanny ability to hula hoop in sync with dubstep music in the dark. She is using a Mood Hoop and dancing to Space Jesus’ DJ set.


Dessany, a personal trainer, wore nothing but wrapping paper on Day Two. It was mostly made out of blue, purple and white bows, with a bow crown and white chunky sneakers


The Glam Dolls donned scandalous ball gowns composed entirely from paper fans. They are character actors and models who specialize in large scale events.


Shuffle dancer/personal trainer Hannah Chaney wore a butterfly print bodysuit with a plunging neckline, and fishnet tights with lace up boots. And her hair is blue.


My second Forest was pure magic ? Thanks to all who made it so special!

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Veronica, aka Jee Yu Nie, is a raver/foodie that studies bioengineering. Her creative Electric Forest costume includes a chainmail top, iridescent rave thong and bow garter belts.


✨magical place full of beautiful people✨

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Jazlyn Richards is a sorority sister at IU Bloomington. She is shown here with friends enjoying a DJ set in futuristic wraparound and kaleidoscopic sunglasses.


Jender wore a mesh top embellished with sequin parrots over star shaped pasties at some point during the event, plus a leather choker, sparkly sunglasses and highlighter.


Magical memories in the forest. ?: My love @austin.zeier

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Lena Friello is a student at the University of Wisconsin. She wore an orange wraparound minidress with a statement necklace, mini backpack and braided pigtails.


Maria Arismendi lives in Los Angeles, and likes to rave and travel. She must have had her her done beforehand, because she was sporting extra long pink and blue french braids.


Julie is a makeup artist from Dallas, Texas. She is shown here at Electric Forest wearing a chainmail bra, rave thong, fan, and a tiara that says Birthday Girl because it’s her birthday.


happy forest ???

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Sophia Grace Featherstone had a very nice time at Electric forest wearing a white cutout bodysuit with detailed beading. Her second look was a sparkly pink bikini.


Blogger Kim Osabe shows us how to wear a sequin coverup with rhinestone body jewelry and henna. She wore this with statement sunglasses, booties, a fan and beige bralette.


Rave Bae ???? #electricforest

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Vy Van Nguyen of NOLA is seen here at Electric Forest in front of a flower wall in a green bikini with floral embellishments. As you can see she had a great time with her friends.


The spot that changed the course of everything ??

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Kimberly is a graphic designer that enjoys EDM, winter sports, surfing and travel. She is pictured here with friends in front of a large metal owl sculpture.

Congratulations to everyone that made it through the whole week without getting arrested for distributing narcotics or driving under the influence. You were smart or lucky. It looks like rave culture is alive and well in Rothbury, Michigan, as evidenced by all this street style.

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