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How to Dress Like a Space Cowgirl or Cowboy

A space cowgirl combines the best of future fashion with the old west to create a style that is out of this world.

EDM and country music don’t normally cross paths but this space cowgirl costume gives us hope for the future. A space cowgirl or cowboy would surely spend their time riding a robot horse through the universe, or possibly a unicorn. Their job would be to herd space cows and deliver handwritten letters. Perhaps they would ride the space rails looking for adventure and hoping to strike space gold.

Anyway here are some clothes a space cowgirl or boy would wear, as selected by Slutty Raver Costumes.

Star Jewelry

space cowgirl jewelry

The Kate Chell Ribbon Star Necklace ($252) has a silver star that says “Look up” as in look up at the stars. And the Mantina Amanita Star Sapphire Ring ($227) is a horse head with star shaped eyes.

Warm Coat

space cowgirl coat

It gets below freezing cold out on the space range so bring a jacket. The French Connection Zelda Shearling Coat ($242.14) has an oversized cut with faux shearling lining and a silver colored finish.

Iridescent Boots

space cowboy boots

Current Mood beat us to the punch with their Space Cowgurl Boots ($88) available exclusively from Dolls Kill. The manmade boots have glitter star cutouts, fringe and holographic embellishments.

Metallic Blouse

space cowgirl blouse

Cowgirls prefer a nice blouse or button up to a flimsy t-shirt or tank because it looks more old west. The Topshop Balloon Sleeve Lamé Blouse ($75) resembles liquid silver in a soft, billowy material.

Silver Leggings

space cowgirl pants

These faux leather, silver colored H&M Biker Pants ($39.99) are perfect for riding robot horses, space Harley’s and rocket ships. And they provide a small amount of protection from road rash.

Sequin Cowboy Hat

space cowgirl hat

No cowgirl costume is complete without a Sequin Silver Cowboy Hat ($12.99) to protect the eyes from solar flares and such. Flashing Blinky Lights also makes an LED novelty cowboy hat that lights up.

Glitter Makeup

space cowgirl makeup

Bite Beauty Opal Crème Lipstick ($24) will make your lips opalescent. Accent the eyes, cheekbones and anything else using Make Up Forever Diamond Powder ($25) or another kind of glitter makeup. For body glitter check out Karizma Unicorn Chunky Glitter ($7.90), which can be used elsewhere.

Face Jewels

space cowgirl face jewels

Space cowgirls can get away with faux face gems arranged artfully on their forehead and under the eyes. The Gypsy Shrine Dark Unicorn All in One Face Jewels ($10.72) have flexible adhesive on the back.

Space Cowgirl Outfit

space cowgirl outfit

This is a lot of clothes for a music festival or rave however you can replicate the same look with metallic shorts and alien pasties if you prefer to be a semi-nude space cowgirl or boy.

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