Golden retriever wearing crown of baby's breath

Dogs & Flower Crowns: What You Need to Know

It’s really hard to get most animals to wear a flower crown but dogs seem to tolerate being fabulous the best.

Most concerts and raves are not safe places for dogs because they might get frightened by the bass and the lights. But there are outdoor camping festivals that are more suited for canine companions.


Shiba-Inu in Daisy Crown

Image via Fanaru

1. Dogs Love Camping Festivals

Camping is just as much fun for the dog as it is for the owner. It might be more fun because they can appreciate it more as animals. Most dogs enjoy the social nature of camping with other dogs. Don’t let them leave your line of sight though, or they could wreak havoc on the local ecosystem or start a dog gang.


Afghan Hound in Flower Crown

Photo by Toves Sammensurium

2. Note for Female Dog Owners

Your dog will be looking good strutting around in her flower crown, so make sure to have her spayed beforehand. If your bitch is a purebred pedigree you will have to watch her like a hawk, because there will be a ton of male dogs around.


pitbull terrier in flower crown

Photo by Jenny Karlsson

3. Dogs Look Friendlier in Flower Crowns

When dogs wear a flower crown you can tell from their smile that they feel more confident. If you are going to a large social event then your dog needs to look good too. You may want to consider matching your flower crown with the dog’s.


mixed breed dog in flower crown

Image via DogVacay

4. Don’t Use Poisonous Plants in the Crown!

Dogs will eat anything including refuse, bodily fluids and drywall. For the love of God don’t use poisonous plants and flowers in a dog flower crown. It is highly likely that it will be pulled off, ripped apart and eaten. They will probably eat plastic flowers as well.


french bulldog in flower crown

Photo by Scarlet O’Neill Photography, Blush n Bloom

5. Don’t Expect It to Last Forever

Your makeup and hair doesn’t last all day in the sun so the dog will probably lose or destroy it’s flower crown at some point. Don’t get too upset if this happens because it is only flower crown for a dog.


bulldog in flower crown

Photo by Sequins & Stripes

6. Some Dogs Might Not Like a Flower Crown

There is a small chance your dog might be a rebel or a nudist, and tear off the flower crown as soon as it gets a chance. But at least it has character and a strong sense of self worth.


chocolate lab in flower crown

Photo by Wear Wag Repeat

7. Snapchat Filters Don’t Work on Animals

Have you ever tried to take a selfie with your pet, only to find that the Snapchat filter doesn’t work for them? Snapchat flower crowns only work on human faces. Until this critical update is made you will have to do it manually. (Hint, hint, Snapchat.)


Cover image: Flower Child by JenFruzz on DeviantArt


chihuahua wears a daisy as a crown

Image via Instagram

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