woman skateboarding with multicolored golden retriever puppy

Demi Lovato Sings ‘Solo’ in New Clean Bandit Music Video

In the music video for “Solo” by Clean Bandit and Demi Lovato, the band works in a chemistry lab while she takes time for herself.

Pop star Demi Lovato sings the vocals in Clean Bandit’s latest single “Solo” about being by yourself. In the music video Clean Bandit, aka Grace Chatto and brothers Jack and Luke Patterson, work in a lab full of music and chemistry equipment making a drug that turns men into rainbow puppies.

The blonde woman in the video is production trio member Chatto. During the music video she uses synthetic drugs to transform her boyfriend into a multicolored golden retriever puppy. Then she goes skateboarding and enjoys life in southern California without having a boyfriend.

Although the music video is not that sexual. The lyrics draw questions about what Lovato is singing about. Because it sounds like she’s talking about masturbation when she sings the chorus, which goes, “I wanna fu-oo-oo, but I’m broken hearted/ Cr-cr-cry but I like to party/ T-t-touch but I got nobody/ Here on my own/ I wanna fu-oo-oo-oo, but I’m broken hearted/ Cr-cr-cry since the day we parted/ T-t-touch but I got nobody/ So I do it solo…” This is a far cry from her days on the Barney Show.

Stream and/or download “Solo” by Clean Bandit featuring Demi Lovato from your music provider of choice. Lovato is currently on tour with select dates in Europe and South America.

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