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Dancers: Janet Jackson Is Holding Open Auditions

Janet Jackson just announced that she is holding an open casting call for dancers. Enter online or live in Burbank, California.

Attention dancers. Ms. Janet Jackson has announced via Instagram that she will be holding open auditions called #DANCEWITHJANET.

Attention…it’s time to #DANCEWITHJANET ❤

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Contestants may choose to post a 30-second video of their routine with the hashtag #DANCEWITHJANET by April 23, 2018. Or they can show up in person at Starwest Studios in Burbank, California for the public auditions on the same day. Agency dancers will be accepted during closed auditions on the following day.

According to the website you are encouraged to both post a video and audition in person.

Jackson’s Creative Director, Gil Duldulao, told People, “Jan and I pay attention to what’s happening on social media and we see great dancers with raw talent all the time. Whether you are a dance troupe or a solo artist, we’ll be checking you out!”

Allison Buczkowsk, a former Janet Jackson tour dancer, advised, “It is imperative to be a smart dancer who is easy to work with because things change in an instant and you must be not only willing, but able to roll with the punches.” She continued, “We recognize we are a part of something far more than just a team, we are apart of a family. We all genuinely care about each other, and we never let anyone in the group fail; whether someone is sick, injured, etc, we are always there for each other.”

To review the full instructions go to Jackson’s official website.

It just so happens that shuffle dancing is the new twerking, so maybe you should put some of that in your audition. Learn more about why electronic dance music is the most inclusive genre.

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