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Clean Bandit & Marina & the Diamonds Go Latin w/ Luis Fonsi

Clean Bandit and Marina, formerly of and the Diamonds, made a track called “Baby” with Latin Grammy winning producer Luis Fonsi.

For their latest single, Jack and Luke Patterson and Grace Chatto, aka Clean Bandit, worked with Marina from Marina and the Diamonds, as well as Luis Fonsi, the guy that produced “Despacito” with Daddy Yankee. “Baby” is not the most creative name but it translates easily to Spanish.

In this case “Baby” refers to being somebody else’s baby. “Guess I had my last chance/ And now this is our last dance/ You fell through the cracks in my hands/ Hard to say it’s over/ But I’m already someone else’s…” sing Marina and Fonsi together in the Latin inspired pop music duet.

Marina, aka Marina Lambrini Diamandis, is actually from Wales but she looks like she might be hispanic. She wears a floor length red sequined gown during the performance in the music video.


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Babies @luisfonsi @marinadiamandis Spam us ??? if you think these two are pure fiiiiire

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Meanwhile, Chatto was Cruella de Vil for Halloween. Fonsi was Captain Hook and he went to Disneyland. And Diamandis premiered their new song on BBC Radio in another stunning gown.

“Baby” by Clean Bandit featuring Marina and Luis Fonsi is out now on Atlantic Records. Stream and/or download it from your music provider of choice.

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